8 Great Christmas Shopping List Apps for iPhone and Android

Get your Christmas shopping done on your mobile device this year

More people are taking their holiday gift hunt to their mobile devices than ever before and doing their Christmas shopping online. After all, it's faster and more convenient to keep track of Christmas lists and make purchases online than not. With the right app, it's entirely possible to shop from anywhere.

Whether you plan on getting your shopping done online or offline this year, you may want to look into using an app that allows you to build your list of gift ideas, organize them according to person, keep track of purchases and overall just streamline your entire shopping process. 

Jump on the mobile shopping bandwagon for this holiday season with one (or more) of these great mobile apps you should know about. 

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The Christmas List: Keep Track of Gifts, Budgets, and Recipients

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As the number one shopping app in the U.S., the Christmas List app is perfect for anyone who wants to get serious about their list planning, organization, and tracking.

You can use it to sync gift lists up by AirDrop or by email, track budgets per person, add people directly from your contact list, store photos of gifts and so much more.

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Giftry: Exchange Wish Lists with Friends

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Giftry is a gift registry app for all occasions, but it'll make exchanging gift wish lists with friends and family super easy around Christmas time.

You can add gifts to your wishlist from any store instantly, share your lists and mark gifts as purchased to avoid double purchases. Invite your friends to use the app, too, so you can see everything they have on their wish lists and get the perfect gift that they actually want.

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Gilt on the Go: Luxury in Your Smartphone

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Gilt helps you find the best luxury brands at discounted prices, in categories like fashion for men, women, children, home décor, even local deals, and travel.

The company actually offers mobile-exclusive deals to customers, so it’s worth it to get the app. Even if something isn't available, adding it to your waitlist will automatically set off a reminder for when it does become available.

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Amazon: The App for Everything You Might Want

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Amazon has almost everything, and it does a crazy huge amount of online transactions during the holidays. Even if you just want to do some browsing from your smartphone, having the Amazon app installed may be useful to you.

You can search for products and buy them just like you can on the regular Amazon website, using the Wishlist feature to keep track of everything you need.

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eBay: For Hard-To-Find Items

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Like Amazon, eBay is another online retail giant that has just about everything — both new and used. Take your bidding and auction monitoring right to your mobile device so you can keep track of them on the go.

Simply add anything you like to your Watchlist to keep track of it or save it for later. All of your purchasing can be done straight through the app through your eBay account.

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Target: Find What You Need In-Stock


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Target’s mobile app has a ton of features that make shopping for gifts a breeze. Not only can you stay organized by creating your own dedicated shopping lists and using the barcode scanner to check for products, but you can also see what products are currently in stock and purchase everything directly through your mobile device.

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Walmart: Great Prices Without In-Store Drama

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Walmart is another great retailer that usually has everything you need for great prices, but the stores can get crazy around the holidays.

The store’s mobile app lets you check out what products are on the rollback list, scan to get product details, organize your shopping list directly through the app, and make all your transactions through your phone.

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Macy's: In-Store Savings Right From Your Phone

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Macy’s has an exclusive app for shopping on your mobile device, while still offering you the opportunity to enjoy in-store savings and special offers.

You can manage your account through the app, make purchases and get access to Macy’s entire online assortment. And of course, you can certainly build your own shopping lists of all your favorite Macy's products right through the app.