How to Hold the iPad Correctly

Are Your Holding the iPad Right?


While the iPad's display will rotate with the device, allowing you to use it no matter how you are holding it, there are actually right and wrong ways to hold the iPad. Or, perhaps more accurately, there are better and worse ways to hold it. And learning how to hold the iPad correctly will actually make it easier to use.

The iPad has two basic display modes when held. Portrait mode is when the longest sides of the iPad are to the left and right of the display, which makes screen longer than it is wide.

When the iPad is rotated 90 degrees, the display rotates into landscape mode. In this mode, the iPad is wider than it is long.

Portrait mode is great for normal operation, such as checking Facebook, reading email and browsing the web. When holding the iPad in portrait mode, you should hold it with the Home Button below the screen. This puts the camera at the top of the screen, which is better for making video calls or taking selfies.

This also puts the volume controls on the right side at the top of the iPad. And most importantly, it puts the suspend button on the top side at the far right of the iPad. If you held the iPad with the Home Button at the top of the screen, it would be easy to accidentally engage suspend mode if you rested the iPad against a table or even against your lap.

One thing to be aware of when holding the iPad with the Home Button below the screen is that it puts the speakers at the bottom of the device.

Because the iPad speakers do a good job of projecting sound out rather than down, this shouldn't be a problem. But if you resting it on a table, you will want to make sure the iPad is resting at a slight angle.

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Landscape mode is great for watching movies and videos.

It's also a good way to hold the iPad for some games, and if you want the text on the screen to increase without using pinch-to-zoom, flipping it over to landscape mode can do the trick. When using Landscape mode, the Home Button should to the right of the display. This will put the volume button on top of the iPad to the far right side and the suspend button on the right side at the top. It also conveniently leaves no buttons on the bottom.

Obviously, the iPad will still operate fine no matter how you orient it. But these positions will make the buttons more accessible and reduce the likelihood of accidentally pushing a button because the iPad is resting on top of it.

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