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Cheats and codes for the PC version of Hitman Blood Money

Hitman Blood Money
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Cheat Codes

Enabling cheats in Hitman: Blood Money for the PC involves editing a game file, therefore it is recommended that you make a backup of any file which is to be edited before applying the changes. This way, if something goes screwy, you can just replace the old file.

How to Enable Cheats

Using a text editor, add the following line to the hitmanbloodmoney.inifile located in the game folderEnableCheats

    Using the Cheats

    Once the file edit has been made, begin or continue a game within Hitman: Blood Money.

    While playing, press C to display the cheat menu. You can now select the cheats here. Press up or down to select the cheat, and press left or right to toggle the options for it. Setting it to 0 will disable the cheat and setting it to 1 will enable the cheat.

    Here Are the Cheat Options:

    Show OSD
    Toggle on screen display.

    Invisible Mode
    Toggle invisibility.

    God Mode
    Toggle God mode.

    Give Some
    No effect.

    Unlimited ammunition.

    Show Enemy Vision
    No effect.

    No effect.

    Unlimited ammunition in the current clip.

    Test Cloth
    Cycle through disguises in the current level.

    Complete Level
    All objectives completed in the current level.
    Note: once cheats have been activated you can also press Shift + C to complete a level instantly.

    Time Multiplier
    Speed up time; "10" is the highest value.

    Teleport through level's waypoints.

    Beam Here
    Teleport to pointer location.

      Game version note: If you have installed the version 1.2 patch (or above if future patches become available) the EnableCheats edit in the .ini file will not activate cheats within the game.

      If you have version 1.2 installed and would like to use a memory hack to enable some of the cheats Dustywrc from the BF2 Battle Coders forum has made one.

      More information and the download is available here.

      Also, ZIOD from the Eidos Interactive Forums has a cheat enabler which will allow you to use the above-listed cheats, more information on the cheat enabler can be found here.

      Have More Cheats?

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