Filmmaker's Delight: HitFilm 4 Pro

Editing, motion graphics, compositing and more, all for under $400.

UK-based editing and visual effects software company FXHOME has delivered their latest and greatest version of the popular editing platform, HitFilm. HitFilm 4 Pro is bringing a raft of new features for filmmakers, editors, and visual effect artists.

So let’s take a look at what exactly HitFilm is, and why HitFilm 4 Pro is such a compelling offering.

First of all, what is HitFilm? The idea with HitFilm, more so than any other NLE software, is that it offers a unique mix of video editing, visual effects and 3D compositing tools for filmmakers and professional motion artists.

Instead of multiple pieces of software to do multiple jobs, HitFilm aims to give a filmmaker everything they need in one product.

So what does that mean? Well, HitFilm 4 Pro combines the dynamic editing tools of a non-linear editing system with the high end visual effects, compositing and grading capabilities of a professional effects suite. Featuring world class particle engines and a true 3D compositing environment, it’s possible to create Hollywood-style effects more easily than ever before.

Just like other top NLE platforms, HitFilm 4 Pro's editing timeline features gives access to all the tools users need, including slip, slice, ripple & roll edits, audio meters, keyframing and a new Trimmer window for fine control.

The application offers Full Retina support on Mac computers and offers a clean, logical interface layout. Users can switch between the editor and compositor as easily as changing tabs in a web browser.

It’s now even possible to proxy complex VFX shots in the background for real time playback.

From an editor’s perspective, HitFilm 4 Pro ticks off all of the necessary boxes. It’s simple to organize media, trim clips and add transitions while working in a project with unlimited audio and video tracks.

Audio mixing tools and features combine with a multitude of ambience effects to give total audio control to the editor.

For those of us working with footage using different formats, resolutions and framerates, HitFilm lets you mix and match to your heart’s content without any problems. And speaking of mix, compositing proper visual effects and editing 4K footage are also in HitFilm 4 Pro’s wheelhouse.

To keep performance snappy, HitFilm 4 Pro’s preview and proxy systems, along with GPU acceleration and 64-bit architecture work even in huge complex project scenarios, maximizing the potential of any and all workstations.

Like many pro editing platforms, HitFilm 4 Pro happily works with OPENFX plug-ins. Anything from NewBlue, GenArts, Red Giant or RE:Vision will work seamlessly inside HitFilm. If those aren’t your cup of tea, don’t forget the incredible pre-baked visual effects from VFX powerhouse Rampant Design Tools.

Of course, if native effects are your thing, HitFilm comes with a huge library of over 200 effects which can be customized and combined.

Some of these effects are:

● Atomic particles

● Green screen removal

● Grunge

● Procedural simulation (fire, lightning, muzzle flashes)

● Motion blur

● Auto color and contrast

● Color vibrance

● Fractal Noise

● Wireframe

● Parallax

● Projector

● Auto stabilizer

● Echo

● Lens dirt

● Lightswords

● Clouds, light flares, atomic particles, blood spray and hundreds more . . .

Unique to HitFilm is fully integrated 3D compositing. It’s possible to design and combine effects shots in 2D and 3D, mixing video, images, text and 3D models without a hiccup. This feature along is pretty mind boggling, but consider that this tool is only $349 USD, and things start to get surreal.

Add in a broadcast quality chroma keyer, a spill simulation feature for replacing unwanted reflected light with simulated light, and many other features, and HitFilm 4 Pro makes the task of editing, visual effects, motion graphic design and rolls it into one nice, clean package.