Review: Hitcase Pro Waterproof iPhone Case

Shell Makes it OK for iPhone to Be All Wet

Update: Since this review, a new version of this case also has been released for the iPhone 6 and 6s. The new Hitcase PRO comes with a protective screen that is 25 percent thinner and also can be used with a bunch of optional accessories. These include a variety of mounts plus wide, macro and flat lenses.

As a certain dashing reviewer who may or may not have six-pack abs found himself floating toward a steep drop at a waterpark, two thoughts came to his mind.

”Should I let out a manly roar of confidence? Or should I scream like a little girl?”

Thanks to video proof, posterity now knows that dashing Mr. Reviewer did both. I take pride in being an excellent multitasker after all. Anyway, this whole watery ordeal started after I got my dry, grubby paws on a couple of waterproof cases: the Hitcase Pro and the Seidio Obex.

I figured, if I was going to review them, I might as well go out. So I decided to overcome my aversion to showing skin in public and visited Schlitterbahn New Braunfels waterpark near San Antonio, Texas. I am nothing but professional after all. Which brings us to the Hitcase Pro.

Unlike the more product-agnostic Seidio Obex, which also comes with a Samsung Galaxy variant, the Hitcase Pro is decidedly Apple-centric and is available only to those with an iPhone 4, 4S or 5. I happen to own an iPhone 4S so I decided to slap that sucker into the Hitcase Pro and hit the water.

Comes With a Wide Angle Lens

Unlike the regular Hitcase, the Hitcase Pro comes with a wide-angle lens to expand your worldview. This proved to be a nice feature for yours truly as I ended up taking a ton of video with my iPhone while sliding down pipes, floating on a tube and wiping out not once, not twice, but thrice to my niece’s delight. Yep, she’s like a mini version of my evil sister, alright. Fortunately, the Hitcase Pro was up to the challenge, surviving several dunkings while keeping my iPhone nice and dry.

Water Protection to 10 Meters

In addition to dropping protection on dry land, the Hitcase Pro also provides water protection all the way down to a depth of 10 meters — five times more than the range of the Seidio Obex. Padding inside the Hitcase Pro is pretty good as is the inner seal, provided the case is aligned right. Meanwhile, the metal buttons for the volume and power, as well as the rubber button for accessing the home menu are easy to press compared to the stiff rubber nubs of competitors such as the Obex. For active types, the Hitcase Pro also comes with a range of attachments, including a GoPro-compatible rail side mount and TiltR tripod. Another thing I like is how easy it is to take out the phone should the need arise.

The Potential Downsides

The Hitcase Pro is not without its downsides, though. The upper clip on the unit I tested, for example, needs to be pressed extra hard to completely close, a potentially costly issue if you’re not paying attention before hitting the water. The built-in protective screen is also less responsive than the Obex’s requiring users to push harder on it.

This becomes an even bigger issue when touching icons near the display’s corners which are harder to tap due to the Hitcase Pro’s raised edges. As with Seidio Obex’s iPhone 5 variant, the Hitcase Pro adds a lot of chunk to your phone. Unlike the Obex, however, there isn’t a way to easily access the charging port with the Hitcase installed. Pricing is also a bit high at $130.

Overall, though, the Hitcase Pro gets the job done as a waterproof case. If you’re the active type and want a case you can take kayaking or install on your handlebar while mountain biking, then this case is worth looking into.

Final rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Jason Hidalgo is Lifewire’s Portable Electronics expert. Yes, he is easily amused. Follow him on Twitter @jasonhidalgo and be amused, too. For more about similar accessories, make sure to check out our case reviews.