Hitachi 4K Ultra HD TVs with Built-in Roku Streaming

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Hitachi 4K Ultra HD Roku TV Example

Hitachi, USA

In addition to its popular streaming stick and boxes, Roku has also partnered with a with several TV makers, including Haier, Hisense, Hitachi, Insignia, Sharp, and TCL to incorporate the Roku operating system right into the TV, rather than requiring the connection of an external stick or box.

Most Roku TVs are either 720p or 1080p sets, but there also some 4K Ultra HD TV models available as well. Following that trend, Hitachi offers up 4K Ultra HD TVs with Roku built-in.

Five models in Hitachi's 4K Ultra HD Roku TV line are the 50R8 (50-inches), 55R7 (55-inches), 65R8 (65-inches), 55R80 (55-inches), and 65R80 (65-inches).

Additional screen sizes may be available at Hitachi's discretion.

Hitachi Roku 4K Ultra HD TV Basics

Just as with previous Roku TVs, the Roku features are the same on all the sets. This includes a personalized home screen that provides easy access to internet streaming content and a 4K Spotlight feature that provides quick access to all available 4K streaming content.

Other TV functions, such as input selection, picture settings, and other operational functions are accessible via the easy-to-use Roku home screen.

Roku provides access to over 5,000 streaming channels (some depend on country location, and feature 4K and non-4K sources). The channels can be accessed via the Roku store. However, although there are many free channels, (such as YouTube), there are also many that require monthly subscriptions, (including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon) or pay-per-view fees (Vudu).

In addition to scrolling through all the channels to find what you want to watch, Roku also includes a search function, as well as its Roku Feed, which can remind you when a specific show or event is coming, and if there is a fee to watch it.

Although the added bonus on the above group of Hitachi sets is the inclusion of 4K, keep in mind that accessing 4K via streaming also requires very fast broadband speeds, with Netflix recommending as much as 25mpbs.

If your broadband speed isn't adequate for 4K streaming, Netflix, or other content providers, may "downscale" the signal to 1080p resolution or lower. On the other hand, the TV will upscale that signal to 4K, but that will not provide the same visual result as native 4K streaming.

Additional Hitachi Roku TV Features

In addition to all the internet streaming features provided via the Roku operating system, additional features are included on all three Hitachi 4K Ultra HD Roku TVs.

  • DLNA and UPnP compatibility – This means that all the TVs can be used to access compatible audio, video, and still image files from your home network connected devices, such as a PC.
  • Hitachi's Roku TVs can be controlled via the provided Roku-designed remote control, or via a compatible remote control app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Miracast – Allows users to stream videos, photos, and music from compatible smartphones directly to the TV.
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection options provided for internet access.
  • Direct-Lit LCD TV with a 60hz screen refresh rate. In addition, all of the Hitachi sets incorporate backlight scanning. What this does is flash the LED backlight 120 times per second. this improves the perceived motion of objects on the screen – important for sports.
  • In addition to the Roku streaming features, built-in tuners for the reception of over-the-air and unscrambled digital cable TV signals are provided.
  • 4 HDMI inputs are included. This means that you can connect your Blu-ray Disc/DVD player and other compatible set-top boxes in addition to enjoying the built-in Roku streaming options.
  • 1 set of composite video/analog stereo inputs. Note: There is no component video input option provided
  • 1 USB port for access to compatible audio, video, and still image content stored on USB flash drives. The USB port can also be used as an option for installing firmware updates if they cannot be downloaded and installed via the internet.
  • Built-in two-channel 8wpc stereo sound system.
  • 1 headphone jack (3.5mm).
  • A digital optical output is included. You can use this option for getting better sound via connection to a home theater receiver, sound bar, or under-TV audio system.
  • Audio Return Channel-enabled for easier connection via HDMI with compatible home theater receivers, soundbars, or under-TV audio systems that are also Audio Return Channel equipped.
  • HDR – The Hitachi 55-inch 55R80 and 65-inch 65R80 include all of the features above with the addition of HDR processing (HDR10) for compatible content. However, it has three HDMI inputs instead of four. 

Hitachi Roku TVs are available primarily through Sam's Club and Amazon. Sam's Club model numbers may be different.