Seven Habits of Highly Effective Web Searchers

How to Search the Web Successfully

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Every time I need to find something on the Web, I am successful. Right? Uh, not exactly. Eventually, I get to where I'm going, but it takes some work sometimes. Over the years I've developed a few search habits that have made me a more effective searcher, and with just a little practice, you can too. After all, searching the Web is a snap - it's actually finding what we're looking for that's the trick!

Effective Habit 1: Use Targeted Phrases

The more specific your query is, the more success you're likely to have. After all, "why is the sky blue" is easier to understand than "sky blue question". For more information on how to craft a more specific query, read my article titled Looking for a Specific Phrase.

Effective Habit 2: Expand Your Search Horizons

Get out of the habit of only using one search engine for everything. It's okay to use one search engine for the majority of your Web search questions - you get to know that search engine better and can use it more successfully over the long run. However, with all the great search engines out there, it would be a crying shame to limit yourself to just one. Get to know a few search engines and your searches will not only be more interesting, but more effective as you learn which searches work best in which search engines. For more information, read my article titled How to Pick the Best Search Engine.

Effective Habit 3: Learn a Few Web Search Tricks

There are a few Web search tricks that can make your life a lot easier. Nope - no scary computer programming involved, just a few simple Web search tricks that can instantly transform your searches from "blah" to "wow!". Check 'em out in my article titled My Top Ten Web Search Tricks.

Effective Habit 4: Use Your Time Wisely

The longer you spend time searching for something, the more frustrated you can get. It's inevitable that sometimes there's going to be a Web search stumper somewhere in your horizons - it happens to me all the time. Rather than continually beating your Web search head against the wall, get creative: try another search engine, try another way of framing your search query, etc. There's actually a lot of stuff you can do to cut down on the frustration. For more information, read my article titled How to Get Better Search Results.

Effective Habit 5: Learn How Stuff Works on the Web

If you want something to work right, you've got to read the users manual. The Web is a big place, and there's a lot of stuff going on. It can seem overwhelming, but it's crucial when developing more effective Web search habits to actually learn more about what it is you're spending time on. For more information, read my article titled Web Search for Beginners, or my article titled Web Search FAQ - The Most Popular Web Search Questions Answered.

Effective Habit 6: Stay on Top of New Web Developments

There's a whole lotta shakin' going on in the World Wide Web. Every day, I come across something that is absolutely changing the way that we use the Web - for the better.

The Web is becoming a platform for all kinds of new inventions and tools, and you can find more information about them in my feature titled The Social Web.

Effective Habit 7: Cultivate a Love of Discovery

Once you find what you're looking for, you can just stay there, right? No way! There is too much treasure on the Web to be satisfied with just one search engine, one search tool, one great Web site.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Web Searchers - Get Started!

A good habit is easy to start. Grab any of these seven effective Web search habits today to start a more efficient and enjoyable Web search journey!

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