Highlight Text With Marker Pen Background Color in Outlook

A simple way to emphasize words

There are several ways to emphasize text and make it stand out in an email message. Make the text larger, change the font, add bold formatting, or underline it. Another way to make text stand out is to drag a yellow highlighter across it.

Instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013; Outlook for Office 365, and Outlook Online.

Highlight Text with the Marker Pen Background Color

Use the highlighting tool to highlight selected text or turn on the marker pen and highlight text throughout an email message.

  1. Open the email message you want to highlight.

  2. Select the text you want to highlight.

    Screenshot of selected text
  3. Go to the Message tab and, in the Basic Text group, select Text Highlight Color.

    In Outlook Online, go to the Formatting toolbar at the bottom of the message window, select Highlight, and choose a highlight color.

    Screenshot of Highlight Marker
  4. The text is highlighted with the default color.

    To change the color of the highlighter, select the Text Highlight Color dropdown arrow and choose a color.

  5. To use the highlighter to highlight several text elements, select Text Highlight Color.

  6. Drag the marker across the text you want to highlight.

  7. When you've highlighted all the text, select Text Highlight Color to turn off the marker.

Remove Highlight from Text

To remove highlighting from part or all of the text in an email message:

  1. Select the text that is highlighted.

  2. Select Text Highlight Color.

  3. To remove highlighting from all the text in the email message, press Ctrl+A to select the text.

  4. Select the Text Highlight Color dropdown arrow.

    Screenshot showing No Color
  5. Choose No Color.