How to Highlight on Kindle

Learn how to highlight and add notes on Kindle

What to Know

  • Press and hold the first word, then drag your finger across the text. Lift your finger, then tap one of the colored circles in the toolbar.
  • To add a note, tap the highlighted text to bring up the toolbar, then tap Note. Tap a note or highlighted text to edit, share, or delete it.
  • To hide popular highlights, go to Settings > Other or Text options (Aa) > More and disable the Popular Highlights switch.

This article explains how to highlight on a Kindle. You can also take notes and make highlights in the Kindle app for mobile devices.

Can You Highlight and Take Notes on Kindle?

You can highlight and take notes on all Kindle models, including Amazon Fire tablets (formerly Kindle Fire). The process is the same for all devices, from the original to the Kindle Paperwhite. This feature is excellent for making annotations when you're writing a research paper, or you might want to share your favorite passage.

The screenshots below are from the Kindle app on a Fire tablet. The interface might look different depending on your model, but the steps are the same.

How Do You Highlight in Yellow on Kindle?

To highlight on a Kindle with a touch screen or in the Kindle app for mobile devices:

  1. Press and hold the first word you want to highlight, then drag your finger across the text until you get to the last word.

  2. When you lift your finger, a toolbar will pop up over the text. Tap one of the colored circles to choose your highlight color.

    To highlight a single word, press and hold the word until it is selected, then lift your finger and tap one of the colored circles. Choosing a word will also bring up the definition.

  3. To edit highlighted text, tap it to bring up the toolbar. Move the sliders at the start and end of the text to extend or remove part of the highlight. You can also change the color, add a note, and more.

    Highlight colors and sliders in the text toolbar on Amazon Fire Kindle app

    On some Kindle models, you can't choose from different colors. You can only underline text.

How Do You Highlight on a Kindle With No Touch Screen?

If you have an older Kindle without a touch screen, place the cursor in front of the first word you want to highlight, then press the Select button. Use the directional pad to start highlighting the text. When finished, press Select again. On some models, you must choose Highlight in the pop-up menu.

How Do You Highlight Pages on a Kindle?

Press and hold the first word of the page and drag your finger to the last word. To highlight across pages, keep dragging your finger after the last word to turn the page. Doing this will highlight the whole next page, so you may want to change where the highlight begins and ends.

To bookmark pages, tap the upper-right corner of the screen. Your bookmarks appear as dots on the page slider when you go to page view.

Bookmark icon and booker makers in the page slider on the Kindle app for Amazon Fire

How Do You Add Notes on Kindle?

To add a note, highlight some text (or tap some text you already highlighted) to bring up the toolbar, then tap Note. Type your note and tap Save when you're finished.

Note and Save in the Kindle app for Fire tablet

When you want to view, edit, share or remove your note, tap the note icon at the end of the highlighted section. To see all notes and highlights for the book you're reading, go to Menu > Notes or My Notebook.

From the Notebook, tap a note to go to the highlighted section. Tap the three dots beside an entry to copy or delete it, and tap the Pencil icon to edit notes.

Popular Highlights and Edit menu in Kindle Notebook

How Do You Share Highlights and Notes on Kindle?

To share your notes and highlights, tap the note or highlighted text to bring up the pop-up toolbar, then tap Share. You can share your Kindle highlights and notes via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Share and Share Quote options in Kindle app for Amazon Fire

How Do I Delete Notes and Highlights on a Kindle?

To remove a highlight, tap the highlighted section, then tap the colored circle with an X (it will be the same color as your highlight). For notes, tap the note icon, then tap Delete. You can also delete notes and highlights in your Notebook.

Highlight X and Note icon in Kindle app on Amazon Fire

How Do I Hide Popular Highlights on Kindle?

If you don't want to see popular highlights on Kindle, go to Settings > Other and tap the Popular Highlights switch to disable it. In the Kindle app, go to page view and tap Aa to bring up text options. Tap More, then scroll down and turn off the Popular Highlights toggle.

To see all popular highlights in a book, go to Menu > Popular Highlights.

While reading, you may notice some sections are already highlighted with a dotted underline which means it has been highlighted and shared by many users.

Text options (Aa) and Popular Highlights toggle in Kindle app for Amazon Fire
  • How do I delete all Kindle highlights at once?

    You'll need to delete highlights one at a time on a Kindle or the Kindle app. The only way to remove all the highlights is to delete the book from your library and then add it back again. You may need to pay for the book again, however.

  • What is Kindle Unlimited?

    Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription model for Kindle books, similar to Netflix. After you pay the monthly subscription fee, you'll have access to the full Kindle Unlimited library of more than one million books; you can read and enjoy as many Kindle books as you like.

  • Can I share Kindle books?

    Yes. You can share Kindle books with anyone who has an Amazon account. You can even borrow Kindle books from friends and family and check out Kindle books from a library.

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