5 High-Tech Ways to Create the Coolest Room on Campus

A little tech can make your dorm room's aesthetic feel really modern

Decorating your new dorm room on campus can be one of the most fun parts of starting college or university. While most students will choose to decorate their room with the usual posters and photos, there are now some fantastic tech interior design options that can take your dorm's visual aesthetic from predictable to epic.

Here are five cool ideas for using technology to make your dorm room décor stand out from all of the rest.

Digital Photo Frame: Dorm Room Décor That Updates

If you're the sort of person who misses their friends and family while studying at college, a digital photo frame could be exactly what you need. Just one device can display a huge number of photos that can be either manually selected or added to a slideshow. Some frames, such as the Aura, even come with a smartphone app that allows multiple users, such as family members, to upload new images to your frame whenever they like.

Aura digital photo frame

On a budget? There are a variety of cheaper digital frames available which can even function as a clock, a calendar, and play music. Not a bad way to cure that homesickness and provide some dynamic change to your dorm room at the same time.

Philips Hue Lights: Change the Color of Your Dorm Room

Most college dorm rooms are typically fitted with cost-effective light bulbs that have a short lifespan, can't be dimmed, and definitely can't change their color or tone. Philips Hue Lights fix all of these problems by being long-lasting and capable of having their brightness adjusted by a manual switch, a smartphone app, or even by voice once connected to a voice assistant like Siri or Alexa.

Two women watching TV with pink Philips Hue Lights
These next gen lights can change color to suit whatever look you have planned for your dorm room.  Philips

In addition to turning your dorm room into a high tech space whose look can change at the flick of the switch, Philips Hue Lights can also be synced to playing music, creating a nightclub disco feel. Want to get really creative with your dorm decorating ideas? Check out the Philips Hue LightStrips which can be used to enhance windows, bookshelves, and desks.

Students on a budget who still want to decorate their dorm room with some modern lighting, yet can't afford the Philips Hue products, can still get in on the action with bulbs made by Brightronic, a cheaper alternative.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser: Humidifier, Light, and Aromatherapy in One

Dorm rooms can get very dry in some regions, so a humidifier is actually a very practical purchase for many students. Humidifiers are especially useful for those with sensitive skin or who need to protect their voice for performances and presentations. Unfortunately, they can also be very expensive.

VicTsing ultrasonic aroma diffuser
The VicTsing ultrasonic aroma diffuser can increase humidity in your room and make it smell and look better.  VicTsing

VicTsing aroma diffusers are a great alternative, as they not only function as aromatherapy devices, but they also increase the humidity in the air by using ultrasonic technology. What's cool about this tech is it allows the diffuser to create a water mist that isn't actually wet to touch and won't dampen any notebooks or fabrics.

Ultrasonic aroma diffusers also often feature a variety of different colored LED lights, which can be manually changed to match the design aesthetic of the room they're in or the mood of the owner. With one of these, you can change the vibe of your dorm room with the push of a button.

Wireless Charger: High Tech and Very Cool

Wireless charging bases are fantastic devices that not only let you start charging your smartphone or iPod quickly, but they also remove the hassle of finding cables, untangling them, and replacing ones that are worn out.

BOOST↑UP Qi Wireless Charging Pad with iPhone and Android smartphone

All you have to do is place your compatible device on the platform and the charging begins immediately. What's really cool is these platforms work with iPhones, Android smartphones, and Windows phones so your dorm room will always have a charging option for your friends when they drop by.

Levitating Death Star Speaker: Functional and Magical

Odds are you're going to need to buy a Bluetooth wireless speaker for your dorm room, so why not get one that makes an impression? This officially licensed Star Wars Death Star speaker can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your smartphone or computer, and broadcasts high-quality audio in literally every direction.

Plox Star Wars Death Star BlueTooth Speaker

The coolest feature of this levitating Death Star speaker is it actually levitates due to the magnets built into its base. Not many dorm rooms will have a floating speaker.

Not a Star Wars fan? Why not grab a trendy Harry Potter Bluetooth speaker or one that has built-in LED lights that can change the speaker's color? There's no excuse for having a generic black speaker anymore.

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