High Power Mode Referenced in Latest macOS Beta

The new mode is expected to boost performance at the cost of battery life

References to a new "High Power Mode" have been discovered in the latest version of the macOS Monterey beta.

The eighth beta was released Wednesday to developers and users on the Apple Beta Software Program, where they discovered the mentions, according to 9to5Mac.

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Currently, there are no details on how High Power Mode works, only the references.

There is a "Low Power Mode" on MacBooks that saves battery life at the expense of performance, so High Power Mode is expected to do the opposite.

Judging from the name, the mode is expected to push the CPU and GPU to their limits and run at their peak performance at the expense of a MacBook's battery life. It's also speculated that High Power Mode will work even when a Mac laptop is unplugged.

Mentions of a high-performance mode go back over a while. A "Pro Mode" was found in the developer beta of macOS Catalina back in January 2020. It had similar functionality, but never was released to the public.

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High Power Mode isn’t available to anyone at this time, not even developers. It’s unclear if and when Apple plans on introducing High Power Mode and whether or not it will be available on all devices or select Mac models.

MacOS Monterey has been in public beta since July, and users can sign up to try it out by joining the Apple Beta Software Program. The new operating system is slated to come out later in the year.

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