Learn to Hide Background Images for Cleaner Printed PowerPoint Slides

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Make Printed Handouts Clearer by Hiding Background Graphics

Using a design template can add an attractive appeal to your presentation. The brightly colored templates are eye-catching and add a professional air to your presentation. However, for printing purposes, often the background graphics that look so good on screen hinder the readability of the slides on the handouts.

A simple process suppresses the background graphics temporarily.

How to Suppress PowerPoint Background Graphics

In Office 365 PowerPoint:

  1. Open your file in PowerPoint.
  2. Click the Design tab and select Format Background.
  3. In the Fill section, place a checkmark in the box next to Hide Background Graphics

The background graphics disappear from each slide in the presentation immediately. You can print the file now without them. To toggle the background graphics back on, just remove the check mark you placed in the box next to Hide Background Graphics.

PowerPoint 2016 for Windows and PowerPoint for Mac 2016 follow this same process to suppress background graphics.

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Printing in Monochrome for Additional Clarity

 After you hide the background graphics before printing handouts for the audience, slides can still be hard to read if you print them in a light color. Choosing to print in grayscale or solid black shows only the text on a white background of each slide. This makes the slide easy to read and all the important content is still present. Make this change in the print options when you are ready to print by selecting Grayscale or Black and White, instead of Color.