How to Delete Amazon Order History

How to keep your shopping secrets safe

It’s hard enough to keep a secret without our digital shopping footprint giving away our surprises.Whether you have an Amazon Prime account, or not, there are ways to clear your Amazon order history from the default view.

Your entire Amazon account's purchasing and browsing history are continuously tracked and recorded through Amazon's highly-refined artificial intelligence system. While the ability to access your purchasing details can come in handy when placing reorders, or for tracking down receipts, if this information is leaked to the wrong eyes, Christmas and birthday surprises can be ruined.

Your order history and browsing activity are also used by Amazon's bots to help anyone browsing on the site to offer more clues to your activity, with its simple, 'you may also like' messages.

While it's impossible to completely delete your order history, there are some steps you can take to make it tougher for other Amazon account holders to see what you've purchased, browsed for, and saved to lists. Here's how to get started: 

Amazon Household Account

Screenshot of the Amazon Household sign-up page, with buttons to Add Adult, Add a Teen, or Add a Child
Amazon Household Account gives you more flexibility with account privacy.

The easiest way to hide your purchases from your family is through an Amazon Household Account. This option is for Prime members only, allowing you to share Amazon benefits with another adult, teens, and children in your household. A Household Account allows you to keep your purchase history, recommendations, and lists private and separate from teens and kids. Both adults still have the advantage of sharing select Prime Benefits and digital content through a Family Library. Amazon Household can contain up to ten members with the following stipulations:

  • Two adults, ages 18 and over, each with their own Amazon account.
  • Up to four profiles for teens, ages 13-17.
  • Up to four child profiles, ages 12 and under.

How to Hide Amazon Orders If You Don't Have Prime

If you don't have a Prime membership, no worries. There are still some options that can help you add a layer of privacy to your Amazon account activity.

Hide Your Amazon Orders by Archiving Them

Archiving an order does not delete an item completely, but it does hide the item from your default order page. However, archived items will still show up if they are specifically searched for on the order page.

Screenshot of the default Amazon order page with the Archive order option circled in red
Archiving Amazon order hides them from the default order history page.

To archive an order, log in to your Amazon account and click on Orders, located on the right side of the menu bar. Once opened, scroll down to find the item(s) you want to hide, and click Archive Order, located on the right of the item. Archive each purchase you would like to hide — up to 100 items. You can use the search feature to find multiple items on your orders page. As soon as you click the archive button, a window will pop up asking you to confirm that you do want to Archive the Order. Once archived, the item is immediately invisible on your default order history page. If you need to look at the order detail of any archived orders, visit, Your AccountView Archived Orders. To restore an archived order to your default order history view, select Unarchive Order.

Hide Your Browsing History

Screenshot of the Amazon home page with Browsing History circled in red
Edit your browsing history to erase more clues about your Amazon activity.

Your browsing history also holds a trail of breadcrumbs that will give snoops insight into what items you may have purchased, or are thinking of buying. By editing your browsing history, you can delete specific items or delete your entire history. You can even disable Amazon's ability to continuously track your browsing history entirely, which might be a good idea for the months leading up to the holidays. To edit your Amazon browsing history, go to the Amazon homepage and click Browsing History, located in the middle of the menu bar, and click View and Edit. Find each item you want to remove. Here, you can also select Turn off browsing history to prevent your search history from appearing in the future.

Change Your Delivery Location

Screenshot of Amazon option to edit delivery addresses
Add additional addresses for Amazon delivery.

Nothing creates an immediate sense of mystery like a brown Amazon box delivered to your doorstep. To keep the surprise under wraps — ask Amazon to send your package somewhere else — a friend's house or your work address. To use an alternative shipping address, go to Your Account > Your Addresses > Enter a New Address. Once your package has been delivered, you can delete or edit any saved addresses.

Screenshot of the Amazon home page with Your Pickup Location circled in red
Find an Amazon Locker to avoid deliveries coming to your house.

Another stealth delivery option is to use an Amazon Locker. This is a free delivery option and gives you the opportunity to pick up your package when it's convenient for you. The lockers are self-serve delivery kiosks, located strategically around your city. Your packages are kept in a security-coded locker until you pick it up. To find and select an Amazon Locker, go to Your Account > Your Pickup Location. Amazon will give you a list of locations, based on your zip code from your saved mailing address. Select the locker most convenient for you. When you place an order, the Locker will appear as an address option. If you select the locker delivery, Amazon will email you a unique six-digit code you'll need to open the locker, and you'll have three calendar days to pick up your item before it will be returned to Amazon for a refund.