How to Hide Your Tagged Photos on Instagram

Once you remove yourself from tagged photos, you can adjust who can tag you

What to Know

  • Remove a tagged photo: Profile > Tagged Photos > the image to untag > your name > Remove Me from Post.
  • Remove multiple tagged photo: Profile > Settings > Settings > Privacy > Posts > Manually Approve Tags > Edit > Choose images > tap Remove.
  • Limit who can tag you: Profile > Settings > Settings > Privacy > Posts > changing to Allow from people you follow or no one.

This article teaches you how to hide your tagged photos on Instagram. It looks at hiding tagged photos on an individual basis as well as how to stop people automatically tagging you in photos. 

How to Hide a Tagged Photo

If someone has tagged you in a photo on Instagram and you don't wish to be included, it's possible to untag yourself. Here's what to do.

The process is slightly different if you want to hide your Instagram photos by making them private.

  1. On Instagram, tap your profile icon.

  2. Tap Tagged Photos.

  3. Tap the image you wish to untag yourself from.

    Steps required to find a tagged photo on Instagram.
  4. Tap the picture, and then tap your name that is shown on the image.

    Tap the person icon in the left hand corner if you can't find the tag.

  5. Tap Remove Me from Post.

    Steps required on Instagram to Remove a tag from a post.

    Alternatively, tap Hide From My Profile to remove the photo from your profile's tagged images.

  6. The image will no longer be connected to your account. 

Hide Multiple Tagged Photos

If you want to untag yourself from photos en masse, it's possible to do so through a different route than above. Here's how to hide multiple tagged photos at once.

  1. Tap on your profile picture.

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. Tap Settings.

    Steps required to find Settings on Instagram.
  4. Tap Privacy.

  5. Tap Posts.

  6. Tap Manually approve tags.

    Steps required on Instagram to manually approve tagged images.
  7. Tap Edit next to Tagged posts.

  8. Tap each photo you wish to hide or remove the tag from.

  9. Tap either Hide or Remove. Hide will hide the image from your profile but doesn't remove you from the image, while Remove will do both.

    Steps required to select multiple tagged images in Instagram before removing the tags.

How to Change Who Can Tag You in Instagram Photos

Available through a similar method as above, it's possible to change who can tag you on photos on Instagram. Here's how to do so.

  1. On Instagram, tap your profile picture.

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. Tap Settings.

    Steps required to find settings on instagram.
  4. Tap Privacy.

  5. Tap Posts.

  6. Change who can tag you under Allow tags from. It's possible to choose between allowing anyone to tag you, only people you follow, or no one.

    Steps required to edit who can tag you on Instagram.

How to Unhide an Image

If you change your mind about hiding an image, you can return it to your profile by following these steps.

  1. Find the picture you wish to show on your profile again.

  2. Tap Post Options.

  3. Tap Show on my Profile to restore it.

    Steps required to unhide an image on instagram.

Who Can See the Photos I’m Tagged In?

Anyone who views your profile can also check the photos in which you've been tagged by tapping the Tagged Photos icon. The only way to limit this is to either make your profile private so only people that you manually accept to follow you can see them or by hiding or untagging photos that feature you.

If you allow anyone to tag you, you may find yourself tagged in images by people you don't know such as spam accounts promoting a product. Alternatively, some have even used the facility to be abusive or harassing. That's why it is important to control who can tag you in images and check your settings regularly. 

  • How do I make my Instagram account private?

    To make your Instagram account private, go to your profile and tap Menu > Settings > Privacy > Private Account. Your posts will be seen only by your followers, and any hashtags you use will be hidden from searches.

  • How do I tag someone on Instagram?

    To tag someone on Instagram in a new post, tap Tag People under the caption field. When creating a story, tap the sticker icon, tap @Mention, and search for a user. In a comment, type @ followed the person's username.

  • How do I search for tags on Instagram?

    To search for Instagram tags, tap the magnifying glass in the bottom menu, then tap the search box that appears to display the keyboard. Enter a search term and choose Top, Accounts, Tags, or Places at the top to filter the results.

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