How to Hide Replies on Twitter

Get unwanted Tweets off your timeline

What to Know

  • Locate the reply to your tweet that you want to hide. Tap or click the menu icon. Select Hide reply. Choose Hide reply again.
  • To see hidden replies, select the hidden reply icon in the lower-right corner of the original tweet.
  • To unhide a reply, select the menu icon next to the reply and select Unhide reply.

This article explains how to hide replies to your tweets at the website and the Twitter apps for Android and iOS devices. The feature is not available on Tweetdeck. The article also explains how to view and unhide replies you have hidden.

How to Hide Replies on Twitter

Twitter can be chaotic, with a mix of original tweets, threads, retweets, likes, and replies. Hiding replies on Twitter is one way to cut down on the noise.

If you see a reply to your tweet that you don’t like for any reason, you can hide it with a few clicks.

  1. Find the reply in your Twitter feed.

  2. Click or tap on the menu icon.

    Twitter menu icon.
  3. Click or tap hide reply.

    Twitter hide reply option.
  4. You’ll get a confirmation pop-up. Click or tap Hide reply. The reply will no longer show up on your timeline.

    Twitter hide reply confirmation window.

How to See Hidden Replies and Unhide Them

You can see replies that you’ve hidden as well as ones that others have hidden by going to the original tweet.

  1. Click or tap on the hidden reply icon on the bottom right of the original tweet.

    View hidden reply button on Twitter.
  2. You’ll see a list of hidden replies.

    Twitter reply menu icon.
  3. To unhide a tweet, click or tap the menu icon next to the reply. Then click or tap unhide reply.

    Unhide reply on Twitter.

Muting, Unfollowing, and Blocking Accounts

There are various ways to deal with harassment or general unpleasantness on Twitter short of reporting another user to the company. If hiding replies isn't sufficient, you can remove followers from Twitter in three ways: muting, unfollowing, and blocking.

Muting a Twitter account lets you remove tweets from another user from your timeline without unfollowing or blocking them. That user can still send you direct messages, but you won’t receive notifications from their account. They also will not know that you’ve muted them.

Unfollowing is self-explanatory. When you unfollow someone on Twitter, you no longer see their tweets on your timeline, but you will see replies to their tweets from people you follow as well as retweets. The user won’t get a notification that you’ve unfollowed them, but they can find out either through detective work or using a third-party tool.

Twitter menu.

Blocking a user is the most aggressive option. You won’t see their tweets on your timeline. And if someone you follow replies or retweets them, you’ll see a message that says “this tweet is unavailable” underneath their reply. Also, accounts that you’ve blocked can’t follow you on Twitter (nor can you follow them).

A blocked user won’t get a notification, but if they visit your profile, they’ll see that you have blocked them. However, if your tweets are public, they’ll be able to see your tweets as long as they’re logged out of their account.

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