How to Hide Deleted Messages in an IMAP Account

Hiding Deleted Messages Stuck in Original Folders With Windows Mail

Older versions of Windows Mail and Outlook Express would at times continue to display deleted messages from an IMAP account within the folder from which you deleted them. Rather than simply moving them to the Deleted Items folder and no longer displaying them in your Inbox or other folders, the messages would appear with a red strikethrough. This can be distracting.

Windows Mail uses the familiar Deleted Items folder with IMAP accounts. You can change the setting via Tools | Options... | Advanced | Use the 'Deleted Items' folder with IMAP accounts.

While having messages highlighted makes them easy to undelete, you may prefer to hide the deleted messages so they only appear in the Deleted Items folder.

Hide Deleted Messages in an IMAP Account in Windows Mail or Outlook Express

To hide messages marked for deleting from view in a folder in Windows Mail or Outlook Express:

Make sure you purge IMAP folders from time to time manually or automatically.

These instructions apply to some Windows Mail versions before Mail for Windows 10. As of that version, there is no Tools menu.

Outlook Express was discontinued in 2007 and was replaced by Windows Mail.