How to Hide/Delete Apps From the iPad's Purchased List

Sometimes, the delete button won't appear in iTunes, but you can still remove an app by clicking in the right place.

Whether it is a knockoff of Candy Crush Saga or something you'd rather forget about, most of us have downloaded an app that we'd rather not anyone see. And while Apple keeping track of every app we've ever downloaded is quite handy when you want to re-download an app without paying the purchase price again, it's inconvenient in cases where you wish they'd remain hidden. So how do you delete the app from your purchased list?

If you have ever tried to get rid of an app from the purchased list on your iPad, you may have noticed a hide button emerge if you slide your finger across the app, but tapping this button will only hide the app momentarily. Don't worry. There is a way to hide them permanently. But you will need to do so from your PC.

Note: You can also use these instructions to hide magazine subscriptions from your iPad.

  1. First, launch iTunes on your PC. These instructions will work on your Windows-based PC or your Mac.
  2. Switch to the App Store by changing the category on the right side of the screen. By default, this may be set to "Music". Clicking the down arrow will let you change this to App Store.
  3. Once App Store is chosen, tap the "Purchased" link from within the Quick Links section. This is just below the option to change the category.
  4. You may be prompted to sign into your Account at this point if you are not already signed in.
  5. By default, this list will show those apps that aren't in your library. You can change this to a full listing of previously purchased apps by tapping the "All" button in the middle of the screen at the very top.
  6. This is where it can get tricky. If you hover your mouse cursor over the top-left corner of an app icon, a red "X" button should appear. Clicking the button will prompt you on whether or not you want to delete the item from the list, and confirming the selection will remove the app from your PC and all devices associated with your Apple ID, including your iPad and your iPhone.
  1. If the delete button does not appear... The delete button does not always appear. In fact, in the most recent versions of iTunes, you won't see it pop up when you hover your mouse on the top-right corner. However, you can still hide the app from the list! While the button won't appear, the mouse cursor will still change from an arrow to a hand. This means there's a button underneath the cursor—it's just hidden. If you left-click while the mouse cursor is a hand, you will be prompted to confirm your selection just as if the delete button had been visible. Confirming your selection will remove the app from your purchased list.
  2. You will only be asked to confirm your selection on the first app. If you are hiding multiple apps, you can click on the rest of them and they will immediately be removed from the list.

What about books?

On a Windows-based PC, you can use a similar trick to remove books purchased on the iBooks store. The only part of the instructions that you need to change is going to the Books section of iTunes instead of the App Store. From there, you can choose to view your Purchased list and delete selections by hovering your mouse over the top-left corner. If you own a Mac, the instructions are similar, but you will need to launch the iBooks app instead of iTunes.