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Are you seeing several SD channels next to the HD channels in your DirecTV program guide? These are standard definition channels that are appropriate for people without an HDTV, but you don't need to see those if you don't ever plan on watching them.

If you're an HD subscriber, the last thing you want is to be required to flip through all of these unnecessary channels just to find their high-def equivalents.

The same is true in reverse; if you'd rather see just the standard definition channels, you can disable the duplicate channels to avoid seeing all the HD channel options.

How to Hide Duplicate DirecTV Channels

One thing you can do is press the GUIDE button twice, and then choose HDTV Channels so that you only see the HD options (or the reverse to just see SD channels). However, since all SD channels will be hidden, you're bound to miss out on some channels that aren't available in HD (and are thus hidden).

Here's what to do instead:

  1. Press Menu on the remote.
  2. Select Parental, Favs & Setup.
  3. Choose System Setup.
  4. Select [b}Display.
  5. Scroll to Guide HD Channels and press Select.
  6. Highlight Hide SD duplicates in yellow and press Select.
  7. Press Exit on the remote.

If that doesn't work or those options are not available in the menu, here's another path that should disable the duplicate channels:

  1. Press Menu.
  2. Find the Settings & Help section.
  1. Access the Settings > Display > Preferences menu.
  2. Find Guide HD Channels and press Select.
  3. Choose Hide SD Duplicates.
  4. Press Exit to leave that screen.

Tip: You'll also have the option to disable standard definition channels or to show every channel that's available.

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