How to Hide Ads in Yahoo Mail

Temporarily hide ads or subscribe to Yahoo Mail Pro

In Yahoo Mail, advertisements appear on the right side of the window and inside the inbox. While it's possible to temporarily hide ads, you must pay for a Yahoo Mail Pro account to view your mail ad-free.

Information in this article applies to the web versions of Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Mail mobile app for iOS and Android.

How to Hide Inline Ads in Yahoo Mail

Inline ads appear among your emails in your inbox and other folders. If you don't want to see a particular ad, you can block it but it will be replaced by a different ad.

To hide ads you no longer want to see in free Yahoo Mail: Select the three dot menu located to the right of the ad, then choose Dislike this ad.

It is not possible to hide inline ads in the free version of Yahoo Mail Basic or the free Yahoo Mail mobile app.

How to Hide Right-Column Ads in Yahoo Mail

For ads that appear on the right panel of Yahoo Mail:

  1. Hover over the ad and select the X that appears.

    In some cases you may need to choose a down arrow instead of X.

    X button for "I don't like this ad" on the right sidebar in Yahoo Mail
  2. Select Stop seeing this ad.

    Stop seeing this ad option in Yahoo Mail
  3. Choose a reason why you don't want to see this ad.

    Options for not seeing an ad on Yahoo Mail

No matter which option you choose, the ad is immediately removed and soon replaced by a new ad.

To temporarily hide ads, select the blue arrow located on the left side of the ad column. The ad disappears. However, ads reappear when the page reloads.

Remove Ads With Yahoo Mail Plus

The only way to have a truly ad-free experience with Yahoo Mail is to subscribe to Yahoo Mail Plus. The Pro plan guarantees an ad-free interface for one Yahoo account on all your devices and browsers in addition to priority customer support. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available.

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