How to Hide Ads in Yahoo Mail

You can temporarily hide ads or subscribe to Yahoo Mail Pro

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Free Yahoo Mail service delivers ads alongside your messages. You are able to hide individual ads one at a time, but you aren't able to hide all the ads in Yahoo Mail unless you subscribe to a Yahoo Mail Pro account.

In Yahoo Mail, ads appear on the left and right panels of the email screen and in your inbox view. You can hide them temporarily on a desktop computer.

Inline Ads

These ads appear among your emails in your inbox and other folders. They are labeled "sponsored." Click the down arrow to the right of the ad and select I don't like this ad. Select one of the available options:

  • It's offensive
  • It's not relevant
  • I keep seeing this
  • Something else (with a field to fill in)

and click Done. Yahoo thanks you and encourages you to upgrade to Yahoo Mail Pro for an ad-free inbox. These types of ads appear on both desktop interfaces and mobile devices.

Left-Column Ads

When you hover your cursor over an ad in the left column of the email screen, an X appears. If you click the X, you receive a thank you message from Yahoo for helping the company improve its service. The ad is removed, and no new ad appears immediately. These ads appear in the desktop interface only.

Right-Column Ads

For ads that appear on the right panel of the email screen:

  1. Hover your cursor over the ad to display an X. 

  2. Click the X, which displays I Don't Like This Ad when your cursor rolls over it

  3. Select one of the options from the popup screen. They include It's not relevantIt's distractingIt's offensive, and Something else.

No matter which option you choose, the ad is immediately removed. The confirmation screen thanks you for providing ad feedback and encourages you to upgrade to Yahoo Mail Pro if you want an ad-free inbox. The ad you removed is soon replaced by a new ad. These ads appear in the desktop interface only.

Yahoo Mail Pro

The solution to an ad-free experience with Yahoo Mail is to subscribe to Yahoo Mail Pro. The link appears as an Upgrade Now button when you delete an inline or right-column ad. The Pro plan guarantees an ad-free mail experience for one Yahoo account on all your devices and browsers, as well as priority customer support. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available.

  • A Yahoo Mail Pro account purchased on a computer removes ads in the web and mobile app interfaces.
  • If you purchase Yahoo Mail Pro for Mobile through a mobile device, you are billed through the app store, not from your Yahoo Mail account. The subscription removes ads for all your accounts in the mobile app but not from the web interface.