Heroes of Might and Magic V Cheat Codes - PC

Use these codes for Heroes of Might and Magic 5 on the PC

Heroes of might and magic V
LE Nelge/Flikr/CC BY 2.0

Enabling Cheats

Enabling cheat codes in Heroes of Might and Magic V on the PC requires editing a game file, and therefore it is highly recommended that you create a backup of any file you plan to edit before proceeding.

Using a text editor, such as Notepad or Wordpad (supplied with Windows systems), open the file autoexec.cfg located in the 'profiles' folder within the game directory.

With autoexec.cfg open, add this line to the end of the file:

setvar dev_console_password = schwinge-des-todes

    Now, when you play a game, you will be able to open the cheat console by pressing the tilde key. (the tilde key is to the left of the number 1 and looks like this ~.

    Using Cheat Codes

    Once cheats have been activated, you can bring up the console with ~, type in one of the codes below and press Enter to activate it:

    Add Skill Points
    Cheat code: add_skill [skill name]
    Note: a list of skill ID's can be found on the next page.

    Add Indicated Experience To Selected Hero
    Cheat code: add_exp [number]

    Fill Hero Army With Creatures From Indicated Town
    Cheat code: add_army town [town number] [0 or 1]
    Note: Town IDs are on next page.

    Selected Hero Has All Spells
    Cheat code: add_all_spells

    Set Luck And Morale For Selected Hero
    Cheat code: set_hero_luck_morale [luck number] [morale number]

    Set All Resources To 0
    Cheat code: clear_money

    Set Gold Quantity
    Cheat code: add_gold [number]

    Get Indicated Number Of Resources
    Cheat code: add_money [number]

    Display Indicated Player's Resources
    Cheat code: show_player_money [player number]

    Display Selected Hero's Movement Points
    Cheat code: show_hero_mp

    Skill IDs and Town IDs for Heroes of Might and Magic V listed on next page...

    For the Add Skill Code - IDs

    The following Skill ID's are to be use with the add_skill code listed on the previous page.

    logistics or 1
    war_machines or 2
    learning or 3
    leadership or 4
    luck or 5
    offence or 6
    defence or 7
    sorcery or 8
    destructive_magic or 9
    dark_magic or 10
    light_magic or 11
    summoning_magic or 12
    training or 13
    gating or 14
    necromancy or 15
    avenger or 16
    artificier or 17
    invocation or 18
    pathfinding or 19
    scouting or 20
    navigation or 21
    first_aid or 22
    ballista or 23
    catapult or 24
    intelligence or 25
    scholar or 26
    eagle_eye or 27
    recruitment or 28
    estates or 29
    diplomacy or 30
    resistance or 31
    lucky_strike or 32
    fortunate_adventurer or 33
    tactics or 34
    archery or 35
    frenzy or 36
    protection or 37
    evasion or 38
    toughness or 39
    mysticism or 40
    wisdom or 41
    arcane_training or 42
    master_of_ice or 43
    master_of_fire or 44
    master_of_lightnings or 45
    master_of_curses or 46
    master_of_mind or 47
    master_of_sickness or 48
    master_of_blessing or 49
    master_of_abjuration or 50
    master_of_wrath or 51
    master_of_quakes or 52
    master_of_creatures or 53
    master_of_animation or 54
    holy_charge or 55
    prayer or 56
    expert_trainer or 57
    consume_corpse or 58
    demonic_fire or 59
    demonic_strike or 60
    raise_archers or 61
    no_rest_for_the_wicked or 62
    death_scream or 63
    multishot or 64
    snipe_dead or 65
    imbue_arrow or 66
    magic_bond or 67
    melt_artifact or 68
    magic_mirror or 69
    empowered_spells or 70
    dark_ritual or 71
    elemental_vision or 72
    road_home or 73
    triple_ballista or 74
    encourage or 75
    retribution or 76
    hold_ground or 77
    guardian_angel or 78
    student_award or 79
    grail_vision or 80
    caster_certificate or 81
    ancient_smithy or 82
    pariah or 83
    elemental_balance or 84
    absolute_charge or 85
    quick_gating or 86
    master_of_secrets or 87
    triple_catapult or 88
    gating_mastery or 89
    critical_gating or 90
    critical_strike or 91
    demonic_retaliation or 92
    exploding_corpses or 93
    demonic_flame or 94
    weakening_strike or 95
    fire_protection or 96
    fire_affinity or 97
    absolute_gating or 98
    death_tread or 99
    last_aid or 100
    lord_of_undead or 101
    herald_of_death or 102
    dead_luck or 103
    chilling_steel or 104
    chilling_bones or 105
    spellproof_bones or 106
    deadly_cold or 107
    spirit_link or 108
    twilight or 109
    haunt_mine or 110
    absolute_fear or 111
    disguise_and_reckon or 112
    imbue_ballista or 113
    cunning_of_the_woods or 114
    forest_guard_emblem or 115
    elven_luck or 116
    forest_rage or 117
    last_stand or 118
    insights or 119
    sun_fire or 120
    soil_burn or 121
    storm_wind or 122
    fog_veil or 123
    absolute_luck or 124
    march_of_the_machines or 125
    remote_control or 126
    academy_award or 127
    artificial_glory or 128
    spoils_of_war or 129
    wildfire or 130
    seal_of_protection or 131
    counterspell or 132
    magic_cushion or 133
    supress_dark or 134
    supress_light or 135
    unsummon or 136
    absolute_wizardy or 137
    teleport_assault or 138
    shake_ground or 139
    dark_revelation or 140
    fast_and_furious or 141
    lucky_spells or 142
    power_of_haste or 143
    power_of_stone or 144
    chaotic_spells or 145
    secrets_of_destruction or 146
    payback or 147
    elite_casters or 148
    elemental_overkill or 149
    absolute_chains or 150

      For Add_Army town Cheat - Town IDs

      Heaven or 0
      Preserve or 1
      Academy or 2
      Dungeon or 3
      Necro or 4
      Inferno or 5

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