Here's What You'll Face on Your First Visit Back to the Apple Store

Apple's is reopening some stores with strict rules in place

Apple was among the first retailers to close its stores over Coronavirus fears. It is now accelerating reopening and outlining how it will protect you and its employees when you return to your nearby Apple store.

Apple Store
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You may soon be able to get your MacBook fixed, that annoying iPhone battery problem solved, or shop for new Apple gear in person, but only if you follow the rules. Apple, which shut down its 271 U.S. stores at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March is opening another 25 or so stores across the U.S. today, and posted details about your in-shop experience.

Before you enter: To ensure that Coronavirus carriers are not entering its stores, Apple will be taking your temperature.

Covered it: All Apple employees will be wearing masks and they expect shoppers to be wearing them, as well. If you do don't have one, Apple will provide a mask to you.

Spread out: Social distancing rules are still in place. Apple explained that the stores will look different. "For one thing, you'll find yourself with plenty of space."

Apple Stores

  • U.S.: 271
  • Globally: 510

You touched it, they clean it: Apple said it will be performing "enhanced cleanings" of high-traffic areas throughout the day.

The services: Apple is promising that the "Geniuses" from its Genius Bar Service department will still be available for one-on-one service.

Don't come in: Like many other retailers reopening right now, Apple is encouraging online ordering and curbside pickup (as well as drop-off for service items).

Is my store opening: According to 9to5Mac, Apple's reopening seven stores in California, six stores in Washington, four in Florida, three in Hawaii, two in Oklahoma, and one in Colorado.

Bottom line: This is not just about Apple finally reopening stores throughout the U.S., it's how it's opening them and is probably a road map for the kinds of post-pandemic experiences you'll find at other retailers for months to come.

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