Here's Another Awful Windows Update to Avoid

Yet another problem update in a recent string of them

The latest update for Windows is causing major errors; you may want to avoid (or roll back) the update.

Windows upgrade on laptop
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The latest update for Windows 10, KB4556799, is reportedly causing a host of issues for many users of Microsoft's operating system, including a Blue Screen of Death, flickering monitors, font weirdness, reversion to Windows 10S, and audio problems.

Cause for alarm? It's possible this security update may result in similar issues for you, though one expert told Lifewire the scale of the problem may be overstated.

Not macOS: You may wonder why Windows keeps having these sorts of issues with updates. One of the things Microsoft must contend with is a much wider range of hardware and software that may or may not be compatible with updated code. Apple more often avoids this problem by keeping tight control over both its hardware and software, resulting in fewer catastrophic issues after updates (though it's not completely free of issues).

Options: If the stream of bad updates has got you down, you can revert back to the previous Windows 10 version or you can be more proactive and stop automatic updates altogether. It's possible your PC will be just fine with the latest update—it's not affecting everyone—so you won't have to worry if you've already applied it and things are going well.

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