Herc's Adventures Cheat Codes For PS1

Get more health, strength, gyros, and gold in 'Herc's Adventures'

Herc's Adventures

 Lucas Arts

Developed by Lucas Arts Entertainment in 1997, Herc's Adventures is an action-adventure game originally released for Sega Saturn, but it became more popular as a PlayStation game internationally. The following Herc's Adventures cheats apply specifically to the PlayStation version.

Herc's Adventures for PS1 Cheats

In Herc's Adventures, up to two players select from three ancient Greek heroes (Herc, Atlanta, or Jason) and embark on a journey to kill Hades and liberate the goddess Persephone. Use the following cheats to make their epic ordeal more manageable:

Effect Cheat
1,000 health Pause the game, then press R1, R2, R1, R2, L1, L2, L1, L2.
1,000 strength Pause the game, then press L1, L2, L1, L2, Right, Left, Left, Right.
Row Faster Hit the drum with your bow and arrow, club, or basic attack.
Stock up on gyros Pick up the gyro in Crete and head down the walkway. As soon as you hear the music change, you can go back and take another gyro.
Unlimited Drachmas In the town of Ellis where Hera's Temple is located, grab the gold coin under the iron cow, then leave town for Sparta to reset the map. When you come back, another gold coin will be in the same spot.
Diagonal Special Attack Hold a diagonal direction on the D-pad + Square, then release Square.

GameShark Codes for Herc's Adventures

If you have GameShark, you can use the following cheat codes with Herc's Adventures for PS1:

Effect Cheat Code

Infinite health (player 1)

800C4AE0 0032
Infinite strength (player 1) 800C4AE4 0046

Infinite keys (player 1)

800C4B3A 0009

Infinite money (player 1)

800C4AE8 0009

Infinite spears (player 1)

800C4AF6 0014
Infinite bombs (player 1) 800C4AFE 0014
Infinite peppers (player 1) 800C4B00 005E
Infinite lightning bolts (player 1) 800C4AF0 0009

Infinite Pandora's box (player 1)

800C4B30 000A
Infinite health (player 2) 800C4B4A 0032
Infinite strength (player 2) 800C4B4E 0046
Infinite money (player 2) 800C4B52 0009
Infinite keys (player 2) 800C4BA4 0001