Back Up Your Android Game Saves With Helium

Never lose game save data on your mobile device

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If you play games on your Android phone or tablet, you can use the Helium app to automatically back up your save data and sync your progress across all of your mobile devices. To do so, you'll also need a computer and the Helium desktop installer.

The information below should apply no matter who made your Android device: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

What Is Helium?

Helium makes it possible to back up a save file for a game, upload it to a cloud-based service, and then restore it on another device. Helium uses Android's built-in system backup features to save an individual app's preferences files and other user data. That said, a computer is also required to set up Helium.

How to Set Up Helium

Before you can start backing up files, you must set up Helium on your Android device and PC:

  1. Download the Helium app from Google Play, and install it on your Android device.

  2. Download the Helium desktop installer for your computer, and install it.

  3. Plug your Android device into your computer.

  4. Launch the Android app and the desktop app, then follow the instructions on your mobile device.

You may be required to install the Android drivers on your PC and enable developer options on your Android device.

The Helium app for Android is syncing with the Helium desktop application.

How to Back Up Your Apps With Helium

After you set up Helium on both devices, you're ready to back up your data:

  1. Scroll through your apps in the upper (white) portion of the screen and select the ones you wish to back up, then tap BACKUP.

  2. Select a backup destination.

    Upgrade to the premium version of Helium to remove ads, schedule backups, and enable cloud storage.

  3. If your device is locked with a PIN or password, then you will be asked to enter it to proceed. If you have problems, temporarily disable your lock screen.

    If asked to create a password, leave the field blank and tap Back Up My Data.

  4. Wait for Helium to finish backing up your data. Once the process is complete, your apps will be available at the location you chose.

    Select the apps for want to back up, tap back up, then select a destination to back up your files with Helium.

You can choose whether to only back up the app's data or also the app itself. For larger games, backing up the entire app will take up a lot of space. Unless the app came from a source outside of Google Play, there's no reason to back up the whole app since you can download it again. You can also create groups of apps for regular backup by selecting Save Group As and entering a name.

How to Restore Your Apps With Helium

To restore apps and data using Helium:

  1. Open Helium on your Android device, and tap Restore and Sync.

  2. Locate your backup files on your device or in the cloud.

  3. Select the apps you want, and tap RESTORE.

    Tap Restore and Sync, select the apps you want, and then tap RESTORE.

How to Use Helium With Android TV

Syncing game progress between an Android TV or similar TV box to your portable devices requires a little extra effort. Helium doesn't appear in Google Play on the Android TV, but the base Helium app can be installed to your device via the web or via sideloading.

Android TV is perfect for scheduling backups of your favorite games so that you can play them on your phone or tablet without losing progress.