Headwolf Releases New Affordable Android Tablets

HPad 1 and FPad 1 Promise solid performance at an affordable price

A pair of new 'high-end' tablets have been released from power station manufacturer Headwolf: the HPad 1 and FPad 1.

According to a press release from Headwolf, both Android tablets have been designed for solid performance for a variety of functions. They've also been designed for physical comfort and constructed with materials intended to reduce fingerprint and sweat buildup.

Headwolf HPad 1 Tablet


The HPad 1 is the heaviest hitter of the two, with a Unisoc Tiger T618 octa-core processor to help it multitask or run intense games with reduced lag. It also provides a 10.4-inch 2K resolution touchscreen, a 20MP rear camera, and offers fast charging that can go from zero to 31 percent in just over 30 minutes. And it comes with a standard keyboard attachment, in case you want to use it more like a laptop than a tablet.

Headwolf FPad 1 Tablet


Performance isn't quite as intense with the FPad 1, but it does use a 2.0GHz A75 quadcore processor for smooth game performance and video playback. It also offers an 8-inch HD touchscreen, a more compact design than the HPad 1, a 5MP rear camera, and a fast-charging battery that can handle up to seven hours of video watching.

Both the HPad 1 and the FPad 1 are available now directly from Headwolf's online store for $229 (normally $399) and $119 (normally $299), respectively. The FPad 1 is also available on Headwolf's Amazon shop for $159.99, but the HPad 1 isn't listed there.

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