HDMI and other connections are what make your television work properly. Learn more about them and how to troubleshoot problems that might come up.
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Television Engineer Installing New TV At Home
What Is an HDMI Switch?
An HDMI cable with gold plated headers.
Is There a Difference in HDMI Cables? Sort of, but Not Really
An HDMI switch with four HDMI cables plugged in.
HDMI Cable Splitters vs. HDMI Switches: What to Know
Graphic of an HMDI 2.1 cable.
HDMI 2.0 vs 2.1: Which Connection Should You Use?
HDMI and Toslink/Optical cables.
HDMI vs. Optical: Which Digital Audio Connection You Should Use
Closeup of HDMI input and output on a device.
What Is HDMI 2.0b?
VGA vs. HDMI: If You Know the Difference You May Decide to Upgrade
A man, woman, and boy watching TV.
The Best Ways for How To Get Wireless TV Working
Here Are the Major Differences Between DVI vs. HDMI
HDMI Male Connector
Get the Rundown on What HDMI Is and How to Use It
A DVI connector.
The DVI Video Connection: What You Need to Know
RCA cable
You've Seen Them, But Do You Know What an RCA Cable Is?
Illustration of Cable TV concept, with TV with a green cable coming in the back of it and blue, green, and red lights coming out of the monitor
What Is HDCP and How Does It Affect My Blu-Ray Player?
Two copper wires connected by blue sparks against a black background
Back to Basics – What is Voltage (Volts) and How Does it Work?
Silicondust Hdhomerun Prime Cablecard Tuner
How to Set Up a Silicondust HDHomeRun Prime Cablecard Tuner
Portta Digital Coaxial Toslink to Analog (L/R) Audio Converter
Q&A About External Digital to Analog Converters
HDMI Cable Assortment
Everything You Need to Know About HDMI Cable Types
Shared Composite/Component Video TV Video Connections Example
What Shared Composite/Component Video Connections On TVs Mean For You
SIIG 1080p HDMI USB 3.0 video capture adapter card
Looking for a Device to Capture Video? Read This
Do Speaker Cables Make a Difference? Speaker Cable Tests
Gofanco - HDMI to Cat-5e High Speed Extender - Connection Sample
How to Make HDMI Work Over Long Distances
Audio and Video Cables
Connecting Your TV to Digital Cable, DVD and VCR in 5 Easy Steps
Onkyo TX-NR787 Home Theater Receiver – Analog Video Inputs
Home Theater A/V Connections That Are Disappearing
HDMI cable.
What's the Difference Between HDMI, HDCP, and DVI?
Illustration of a person using a USB device on a laptop.
USB 2.0: Everything You Need to Know
Close-up of s-video cable
What Is S-Video (Super-Video)?
Composite RCA Type Video Cable and Connector
What You Need to Know About Composite Video and Connections
Illustration of a person trying to watch phone video on big screen TV with a big "no" circle on it
How to Fix it When HDMI Is Not Working
Close up of cords plugged into a power strip
Essential Tips for Picking the Right Surge Protector for Electronics
Illustration of RCA audio/visual cables held in hand
How Do You Hook Up Component Video Cables to Your TV?
Digital Optical Cable Tip and Connection Example
What is a Digital Optical Connection?
HDMI connector
How Many HDMI Inputs Do I Want on an HDTV?
Girl taking photo of her father by camcorder in hotel lobby, mother smiling
How to Connect Your Digital Camcorder to a TV
Convert VGA to DVI
Convert Between DVI and VGA

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