HD Video Editing Software

The Top Software for Editing HD Video

High-definition video is the current video standard—with 4K nipping at its heels. If you take any HD or 4K videos with a video camera or with a smartphone, chances are you'll want to do some editing to improve the quality of the finished product. You may just want to chop off some excess footage or maybe you want to combine several clips into one video and then color correct it. Whether you are new to video editing or a pro at it, the software on this list is up to the task.

Adobe Premiere Elements 18 puts the fun back into video editing. The software walks you through how to trim, color correct, and fix lens distortions so your HD or 4K footage looks great. This version of Elements is designed for consumer video enthusiasts. Its pumped up use of artificial intelligence makes several new features possible such as Candid Moments and Smart Trim.

Impress your friends with animated social posts. Add pops of color, cool titles, music, and slow-motion and fast-motion special effects. Don't worry about your shaky mobile footage; Premiere Elements smoothes it out with its Shake Reduction feature.

The software is available as an upgrade to previous Elements versions or as a standalone product for Windows and Mac computers.

This is not your father's video editing software. Don't believe it? A free trial is available.

For the professionals, Adobe Premiere Pro CC software offers a start-to-finish video production solution. This software has long set the standard for video editing nearly any type of video format and at any resolution including HD, 4K, and 8K footage. Virtual reality and smartphone video is not a problem. Premiere Pro is available as subscription software from Adobe as part of the Creative Cloud plan.

Busy professionals will appreciate the ability to work on multiple video projects at the same time, while VR developers can slap on a VR head mount to edit VR video the same way it is viewed. 

With a program this full-featured, you'll be glad to see the wide selection of step-by-step tutorials that make the software approachable by users at all experience levels.

Adobe Premiere Pro is compatible with PCs and Macs. The Adobe Preview Clip app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. Footage from the mobile app can be imported into Premiere Pro CC for advanced enhancement.

Apple's iMovie 11 for macOS is free video editing software that comes with all new Apple computers. It's the most capable of the free applications, although it is only available for Mac computers and Apple mobile devices. IMovie is an intuitive program for new and experienced video editors. Use it to watch HD video clips, make trailers for home movies, edit video and audio, combine clips, and share videos on the web. With iMovie, you can edit both HD and 4K video.

The free iOS mobile version of iMovie offers sufficient editing features for many users, but it is not as full-featured as iMovie on a Mac. However, you can do much of your editing on the mobile device and then transfer the video footage to a Mac for advanced finishing touches such as color correction and green-screen effects.

For Mac pros who need a more robust editing experience than iMovie delivers, Apple's Final Cut Pro X is a strong contender. The software's Magnetic Timeline is an advancement beyond track-based editing. The sophisticated user interface puts unlimited power in the hands of the editor. Professional editing tools and camera support, along with custom third-party plugins, make it easy to create stunning special effects and studio-quality titles for your HD or 4K video clips. 

Try the 30-day free trial of Final Cut Pro X on your Mac to appreciate the impressive collection of features and capabilities this software offers. 

Corel VideoStudio X10.5 is an affordable PC-based video editing program that provides user-friendly editing and a wide variety of titles, transitions, and templates. The software handles HD and 4K video easily on a multitrack timeline. Combine your video clips with photos, other videos, and audio. Add special effects and color correct your video. 

More than 2,000 filters and effects make it easy to express yourself. The difficult part is deciding which of the many options to choose. VideoStudio Ultimate X10.5 supports 360-degree video editing, portrait videos, and enhanced stop-motion animation. 

Test this software with a 30-day free trial.

Pinnacle Studio 21 is affordable and easy-to-use video editing software for Windows PCs. With its 6-track, HD footage editing workflow and more than 1,500 effects, titles, and templates, you'll be editing videos in no time. New users benefit from Pinnacle's video tutorials, tips, and tricks in its Discovery Center.

Work with footage from multiple cameras, use the impressive split-screen video template, and experiment with stop-motion animation.

Pinnacle Studio 21 also comes in Ultimate and Plus editions for users who want advanced editing capabilities. A companion iOS app is available.

Vegas Pro 15 Edit video editing software offers nonlinear editing, a modern user interface, and a customizable experience for Windows users. Equipped with the typical editing capabilities, Vegas Pro 15 Edit also includes enhanced masking tools, color matching, compositing modes, and auto white balance. Use its 3D capabilities to add depth to 2D elements.

The Pro 15 Edit package is perfect for new-to-video editing enthusiasts. Vegas Pro comes in two additional editions—Vegas Pro 15 and Vegas Pro 15 Suite—for users who want additional capabilities.