HD Headphones Review: A-Audio Lyric

Do A-Audio's Lyric headphones give true HD sound?

Lyric Headphones

A-Audio Headphones, Inc. 

The quality of digital music has vastly improved since its humble beginnings. You might remember when MP3s were king and bitrates of 128 Kbps were acceptable. But, not anymore. With HD TVs now commonplace, people are also seeking this same level of definition in the music they listen to.

To appeal to the serious listener, the makers of the Lyric headphones, A-Audio, think they have the perfect answer. According to their website, they are geared toward music fans who want premium quality listening, coupled with the style and luxury of high-end headphones.

Yet, can these headphones deliver on both audio and build quality for less than $200?

Features & Specifications

Main Features

  • Available in Liquid Chrome or Phantom Black.
  • Passive noise isolation.
  • Memory foam padding.
  • Two 3.5 mm jack inputs.
  • Two choices of audio cables.
  • Ear cups can be swiveled and collapsed.
  • Travel case and polishing cloth.
  •  Two year warranty.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 20 - 10,000 Hz.
  • Driver Diameter: 40 mm.
  • Driver type: Mylar / Neodymium.
  • Sensitivity: 100dB +/-3dB.
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm.
  • Headphone type: Over-ear.

Package Contents

  • Lyric HD Headphones.
  • 2 x audio cables (one with microphone / remote control).
  • Travel case.
  • Polishing cloth.
  • Quick user guide.
  • Two year warranty card (activate within 30 days of purchase date).

Style And Design

The first thing that hits you about the Lyrics is the obvious visuals. The version we received for the review was the Liquid Chrome. The polished metal look is impressive and covers not only the ear cups but the lower part of the headband too. There's also hexagonal detailing on each ear cup with screws to match. This is finished off with A-Audio's logo in relief detail. All this makes for a great looking pair of headphones. 

But, it's not all style over substance. The materials that have been used in the construction are also impressive. For instance, the audio drivers are made using Mylar. This is not only a light-weight material but also strong which is ideal (in theory anyway) for producing high definition audio. Attention to detail has also been focused elsewhere too. The headband has a memory foam filling which is encased in a diamond quilted fabric. This makes them very comfortable to wear -- even after an hour, we didn't feel any discomfort.

The other design aspect worth a mention is in the movement of the ear cups. They can be swiveled to aid in a more comfortable fit and can also be collapsed inwards for storing in the sturdy travel case you get.

The company says their design has been inspired by classic cars and luxury timepieces. Overall, I would say it works very well, and the build quality certainly shines through too.

Cables And Connections

You actually get two cables with the Lyric. One is a standard audio cable that has 3.5 mm jack plugs at each end (one is angled). The other cable you get comes with a microphone / remote control which may be more useful if listening on an iPhone for example. The remote comes with three buttons which is a lot easier to use than the single button cables you normally get.

Both cables feel well made and have a decent amount of rubberized outer sheathing.

When looking at the Lyric headphones you'll notice that there are two jack plug connections. It's useful I suppose in having the choice of which one you plug the audio cable in. The company says that this feature is also great for sharing music with someone. However, using one ear cup each might be a bit of a squeeze. That said, an interesting design feature which might come in useful.

Audio Performance

Do the Lyric headphones sound as good as they look?

To get the real picture of how they sound, I listened to a selection of songs that covered quite a spread of genres. I tried to include music tracks that had as many different frequencies as possible in order to fully test out the headphones.

The first thing I noticed is how well pronounced the bass is on these headphones. The sound signature of the audio drivers really lean towards this end of the frequency spectrum. They produce well-rounded deep lows, but, it's not overdone. Looking towards the mid to highs, there's a nice level of detail but they don't go as high as some headphones I've listened too. Vocals are clear without any top-end hiss which gives a nice mellow blend to the mix.

Overall, a great sounding pair of headphones that give a lot of audio detail.


Headphones that promise HD audio can sometimes be a letdown. But, this isn't the case the A-Audio Lyric. Not only do they impress with their stylish design and quality materials, but also in the audio department too. There's plenty of audio detail and the bass is especially well presented in the mix. So, if you like this area to be prominent in the music you listen to, you'll get on great with these headphones.

If you're serious about digital music listening, and either has a library of lossless music or listen to high-quality streams, then the A-Audio Lyric headphones are a smart choice.