HBO Max to Relaunch in May as Max With 3 New Pricing Tiers

It's also adding some Discovery programming

HBO Max is changing its name to just "Max," but it's still full of shows—from animation and fiction to reality TV and home improvement.

The rebranding has begun, with Warner Bros. Discovery officially announcing plans to change its HBO Max video streaming platform to just "Max" later this month. And once it changes, Max will offer the same assortment of shows and movies as HBO Max, along with several 'Discovery favorites.'

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How this will affect current HBO Max subscribers has been left a little nebulous in the announcement, though the Max website does offer some clarification. All HBO Max members will keep their current subscription, but it will change over to Max automatically at launch. Those who get HBO (but not HBO Max) through a cable or satellite provider may also be able to change over, though you'll have to do some legwork to make sure first.

On the programming side of the change-up, Max subscribers will have access to Discovery brands like Discovery (obviously), TLC, HDTV, the Food Network, and so on. In addition to Warner Bros. offerings like Cartoon Network, the Turner Library, Adult Swim, etc. And it will all be available on the same platforms and devices as HBO Max.

HBO Max is now Max

Max will begin streaming (and replace HBO Max) in the US starting on Sunday, May 23, with other countries following suit sometime in 2024. New subscribers can choose between $9.99 per month (ad-supported), $15.99 per month (ad-free), or $19.99 per month (no ads, stream in 4K) plans for Max.

Currently, Warner Bros. Discovery hasn't clarified whether or not existing HBO Max members' costs will stay the same once the update to Max takes place.

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