How Many Devices Can Stream HBO Max?

Watching HBO Max on multiple devices and profiles

What to Know

  • You can stream HBO Max on up to three devices simultaneously.
  • You can have up to five profiles on HBO Max.
  • There’s no way to increase the number of streams or profiles, but you can download videos to watch offline.

This article explains profile and device limits on HBO Max, including how many people can watch at once and how many devices can stream on one account.

How Can I Watch HBO Max on Multiple Devices?

To watch HBO Max on multiple devices, you need to set up each device the same way you did with the first device you used with the service. Depending on the device, you may need to sign in using your email and password or enter a code into the HBO Max TV sign-in site. You can repeat this process with as many devices as you like.

HBO Max has a list of supported devices. As long as a device is on that list, you can add it to your account and use it to watch HBO Max.

How Many Profiles Can You Have on HBO Max?

Once you’ve connected multiple devices, you need to set up additional HBO Max profiles. Your HBO Max account can have up to five other profiles. When you use different profiles on separate devices, each can stream a different movie or show. Every account has a distinct watch history and favorites.

When you load the HBO Max website or open the HBO Max app and have multiple profiles, you must select one before proceeding. You can also switch between profiles on one device at any time by selecting your profile icon, so multiple people can share one device without mingling their watch histories.

How Do You Add Profiles For Family Members on HBO Max?

You can add profiles from the HBO Max website or the app. As long as you don’t already have five profiles, you can add a new profile from the same screen used to switch between profiles.

Here’s how to add a profile for a family member on HBO Max:

  1. Navigate to the HBO Max website, or open the app.

  2. On the profile selection screen, select +Adult to add an adult account or +Child to add a child account.

    +Adult highlighted on the HBO Max sign in screen

    If the profile is for a child, you can set a code to prevent them from switching to your profile to access adult content.

  3. Enter a name for the profile, and select a color.

    The create profile page on HBO Max.
  4. Select Save.

    Save highlighted in the HBO Max create profile site
  5. The owner of the new profile can now sign in to your HBO Max account on their device and watch using their new profile.

    Profiles are not accounts. When you create a profile for a family member, they will still need to log into HBO Max on their device using your password.

How Many Devices Can Stream HBO Max At Once?

HBO Max allows you to stream to three devices at once. That includes phones, streaming devices like Roku and Fire Stick, smart TVs, the HBO Max website on a computer, and other devices. If you try to stream to more than three devices at once, you’ll see an error message that you’re streaming on too many devices. When that happens, you won’t be able to stream until someone currently streaming on your account stops watching.

Can You Kick Someone Off HBO Max?

If too many people are streaming on your HBO Max account, and you want to take control immediately, you can kick someone off. Their device will then need to reconnect before they can stream again.

Kicking someone off HBO Max is also helpful if you suspect someone has stolen your account info. In either case, you can remove a device immediately by signing into HBO Max on your computer or phone and accessing the Manage Devices screen. You can see every device that’s ever-connected and remove them one at a time or all at once.

Here’s how to kick someone off HBO Max:

  1. Navigate to the HBO Max website, or open the app, and select your profile.

    A profile highlighted on HBO Max.
  2. Select your profile icon in the upper right corner.

    The profile icon highlighted in the upper right corner of HBO Max
  3. Select Manage Devices.

    Manage Devices highlighted on HBO Max
  4. Select the X next to a device to remove that device, or SIGN ALL DEVICES OUT to remove all of the devices at once.

    SIGN ALL DEVICES OUT and X buttons highlighted in HBO Max Manage Devices

Can You Bypass an HBO Max Screen Limit?

There is no way to bypass the HBO Max device limit, and HBO does not offer an option to increase the number of simultaneous streams. However, you can download movies and TV shows from HBO Max and watch them offline. As long as your device is offline while you’re watching, it won’t count against the screen limit.

To download a video from HBO Max, sign into the app on your device, make sure you’re using the right profile, and locate a movie or TV show. Select the show you want to download, and then click or tap the download icon, which looks like an arrow pointing down. You can download up to 30 things on one account, and that limit is shared between all of your profiles. Downloads remain available for up to 30 days, but after you start watching something, you have to finish within 48 hours.

  • How do I cancel HBO Max?

    If you want to cancel HBO Max, go to your Profile > Subscription or Settings > Manage Subscription > Cancel Subscription. If you subscribed to HBO Max through a cable provider or mobile plan, log into their service to cancel your subscription.

  • What shows are on HBO Max?

    There are hundreds of classic and original shows on HBO Max, including Titans, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Westworld. You can also find plenty of movies on HBO Max.

  • Can I get HBO Max for free?

    No. HBO Max doesn't offer a free trial. However, you can get HBO Max if you have a subscription to HBO through another service.

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