HBO Max Cuts Its Service Cost in Half

The cut only applies to the $15 subscription

HBO Max is cutting the cost of its subscription service in half for some customers starting Friday in a deal will run through September 26.

According to Warner Media, the offer comes after HBO Max left Amazon Prime Video Channels on September 15. Now the company is trying to entice former subscribers to return.

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The new promotion takes the $14.99 ad-free monthly plan down to $7.49 for six months. The $9.99 subscription plan is not included in this move. With this temporary price, HBO Max is now cheaper than Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, both of which are priced at $8.99.

Prospective customers either can sign up at the HBO Max website or through certain distribution partners: Apple, Google, LG, Microsoft, or Sony. Users also can sign up via their Roku device or Vizio SmartCast TV.

The promotion does not extend to other streaming partners like YouTube TV or Hulu.

According to Gizmodo, negotiations between Amazon and HBO fell through last year, as the latter wanted to have more direct access to its customer base and collect user data.

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The departure will result in many users canceling subscriptions, with some experts speculating around 5 million users will leave. The price cut is HBO trying to recuperate its losses from the fallout.

After the six month trial ends, new HBO Max users will have to pay the full $15 monthly subscription cost. The service is currently one of the most expensive on the market, even with the ad-supported $10 subscription.

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