How to Get Your iPhone to Announce Calls

A man driving with an iPhone in his right hand.

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One of the lesser-known features on the iPhone also happens to be one of its handiest, the ability to have Siri announce a name or phone number each time you receive an incoming call. No longer do you have to actually look at your phone to know who's calling, which can be especially convenient if the device isn't within your reach when a call comes in, if you're wearing headphones or if you're driving. This functionality can also prove helpful to vision-impaired iPhone users.

Configure Your iPhone to Announce Incoming Calls

Follow the steps below to enable this feature.

  1. Tap on the Settings icon, located on your iPhone's Home Screen.

    iPhone Settings interface
  2. The iOS Settings interface should now be visible. Scroll down and select the Phone option.

    Additional iPhone settings
  3. A list of configurable Phone settings will be displayed. In the CALLS section, select the one labeled Announce Calls.

    iOS Phone settings
  4. The following options are available for the Announce Calls feature: Always, Headphones & Car, Headphones Only and Never, which is the default setting. Select the option that best fits your needs, ensuring that it has a check mark next to its name. 

    iPhone Announce Calls settings

    The Headphones & Car setting will announce incoming calls when you're wearing iPhone-connected headphones or when your device is synced with a car via Bluetooth.

  5. Some or all incoming calls will now be announced by Siri going forward, based on the particular setting that you chose in the previous step.