How to Get Your iPhone to Announce Calls

Know who's calling before you answer

When Announce Calls is activated on your iPhone, Siri announces a name or phone number when you receive an incoming call. You don't have to look at your phone to know who's calling, which can be convenient when your device isn't within reach or accessible. The Announce Calls feature is also helpful for iPhone users who have a visual impairment.

Information in this article applies to iPhones with iOS 10 and later.

Configure Your iPhone to Announce Incoming Calls

When you enable the Announce Calls feature, Siri speaks the name of the person calling if the caller is listed in your Contacts app. If the number is not in your contacts, Siri reads the phone number aloud or says "unknown caller" if the number doesn't show on the screen.

The iPhone rings while you have the Announce Calls feature enabled, but the ring sound is muffled while Siri announces the caller or number.

You enable Siri to announce the calls that come to your iPhone in the Settings app.

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Scroll down and select Phone.

  3. In the Calls section, select Announce Calls.

  4. Select Always to activate the feature. Other options include Headphones & Car, Headphones Only, and Never, which is the default setting. If you select Headphones Only, Siri only announces the caller when you use headphones. If you select Headphones & Car, Siri only announces the caller when your iPhone is connected to your car through Bluetooth or your headphones are connected.

    iPhone Announce Calls settings
  5. Close the Settings app. Your change is saved.

Siri does not announce the caller's name or number when your iPhone is set on Do Not Disturb or vibrate.

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