How to Make Your Android Phone Read Your Texts

Conveniently send and receive texts using only your voice

Give your eyes a rest and allow your Android device to read your texts to you. This functionality (as well as sending texts via voice) is available through Google and free apps you can download from Google Play. Below is a description of the various methods you can use to hear your texts out loud.

The information below should apply no matter who made your Android phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

Enable Google Voice Match

Google, which is installed by default on Android devices, provides basic voice texting functionality without the need for additional software. As long as you're running Android 4.4 or above and have the Voice Match setting activated, you're good to go. Here's how to activate that setting:

  1. Open the Google app. In the bottom right corner, tap More.

    Android phone with Google Settings displayed
  2. On the menu, tap Settings.

  3. Tap Voice > Voice Match.

    Google Settings screen on an Android device
  4. Tap the Access with Voice Match toggle switch to On.

Tell Google What to Do

Now you can issue commands to Google. First, speak the wake phrase, "OK Google" or "Hey Google" to alert it that you want to tell it to do something. Alternatively, you can tap the microphone icon in the Google app or in the search bar on your device's home screen.

Next, speak your command. Here are some examples of texting-related commands Google responds to and what to expect when you issue them:

  • "Show me my last messages." Google announces the sender of each of your last five messages and asks if you want each one to be read or skipped. It reads aloud those you approve. After each message is read, you're given the option to send a reply using your voice.
  • "Send a text." Google prompts you for the name of the person you'd like to send the text to and the message content.
  • "Do I have any messages?" Google informs you of new text messages you've received.
  • "Show me my last message." Google displays your most recent conversation.

Download Google Assistant

Another way to utilize Google's voice commands is through the Google Assistant app, which you can download for free on Google Play. After installation, open the app and speak the same commands described above.

Use Third-Party Apps

Several third-party apps also support voice texting. Here are three of the more well-known options:

  • ReadItToMe: Reads your incoming messages aloud and translates them to proper English, which can be helpful when you receive texts rife with spelling errors or shorthand.
  • ping: Converts not only your texts to audio but also email, Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook messages.
  • Drivemode: Designed specifically to use while driving, this app enables you to reply to messages using voice commands, set up text message auto-replies, and much more.