8 Haunting Open-Source Melodies for Halloween

Set the right mood with these scary soundtracks

If you're planning a Halloween party, getting ready for trick-or-treaters, or just trying to create a frightening atmosphere, you need the right music.

Sure, candlelight, scary props, and people in costumes go a long way, but nothing works better than creepy music to complete the setting. Luckily, you don't have to spend a fortune buying spooky soundtracks. With open-source music, you'll have your monsters mashing for free in no time at all.

Here are great spooky songs and collections you can download for just the right creepy mood.

Man dressed as devil playing music on computer
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The Internet Archive

Open-source music — or audio released into the public domain and through non-restrictive Creative Commons licenses — isn't so hard to find. In fact, The Internet Archive, founded in 1996 as an internet-based library, is filled with audio, images, software, texts, and even archived web pages that can be used, edited, and re-distributed in the open source spirit.

One problem with the Internet Archive's collection, though, is that it's big. It's really big! So, sorting through all that content can be time-consuming and tedious. And while there is lots to see and hear there, it's not all available through nonrestrictive licenses, so you need to be careful if you plan to do something with the content beyond your own personal and private use. That said, this list of spooky sounds should help you get your search for scary open source music off to a great start.​

General Atmosphere Spooky Music

These tracks are filled with the kind of door-creaking, chain-rattling background ambient sounds that are familiar to ghouls and ghosts everywhere.

  • Cemetery Sounds For Halloween
    • Artist/Composer: Qweniden
    • Length: 03:40 (mm:ss)
    • License: Public Domain
    • Listen/Download
  • Halloween
  • Halloween
    • Artist/Composer: JLF
    • Length: 60:00 (mm:ss)
    • License: CC0 1.0 Universal
    • Listen/Download

Spooky Songs

From dark electronica to hip-hop and music inspired by horror movies, these individual songs are the perfect addition to your Halloween party playlist.

Happy haunting soundtracks!

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