Hands-On With the New Acer Travelmate Spin P6

A simple and well-balanced work companion

Key Takeaways

  • Acer has announced a new hybrid work computer called the TravelMate Spin P6.
  • The TravelMate Spin P6 will retail for $1,399 in the US, and will feature 5G connectivity and plenty of USB ports to connect to external hard drives and other accessories.
  • Overall, the design of the TravelMate Spin P6 is lightweight and easy to carry, making it a perfect fit for workers who need to move around a lot.
The Acer Travelmate Spin P6 on a desktop in a home office.

Joshua Hawkins / Lifewire

Acer’s new TravelMate Spin P6 is a simple but stylish and lightweight take on the hybrid PC workstation.

Acer just announced the TravelMate Spin P6, a work-focused hybrid laptop running the latest version of Windows. Acer says the new Spin P6 will sport an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 vPro processor and will support up to 32 GB of DDR4x memory.

Additionally, the hybrid laptop weighs in at just 2.2 pounds, making it exceptionally easy to carry around wherever you need to go. It’s expected to retail for $1,399 in the US and will be available this December.

Prior to the announcement, Acer sent me an early production version of the new laptop to check out. It’s still too early to say just how well the device will perform once Acer has it completely optimized or what the final form factor will look like, but so far, it’s shaping up to be a nice workstation option for those who need a portable hybrid PC to get the most out of their day.

"All around, the form and design of the Acer TravelMate Spin P6 are looking good. I’m intrigued to see what—if anything—Acer changes between now and the December release window."

Everyday Carrier

The weight and size of the TravelMate Spin P6 make it easy to see why Acer is going for a travel-friendly hybrid laptop. Not only is it light, which makes it easy to carry around in your hands or a bag, but it’s also rugged.

Acers says the laptop will feature a durable and long-lasting exterior design, thanks to its MIL-STD810H certified aluminum-magnesium body. This should make it stand up to any of the rigors of traveling to and from the office or any mishaps from making trips out to your backyard, if you work from home.

It also comes equipped with a spill-resistant keyboard and touchpad, so you don’t have to sweat any accidents with that glass of water you like to keep on your desk.

Moving the device between laptop, tablet, and tent mode is exceptionally easy, as the device’s screen simply flips around. It’s a standard design we’ve seen used in these types of computers, and the formula still serves its purpose well here.

My only real nitpick with the hybrid design is one that I have with this general design, and that’s the fact that the keyboard feels weird when pressed against my hand in tablet mode. That’s something that users can get used to, but it is worth noting that the current design doesn’t address it at all.

View looking down on the Acer Travelmat Spin P6 in tablet mode.

Joshua Hawkins / Lifewire

Packing In the Goodies

Perhaps one of the biggest standouts for the TravelMate Spin P6 is the Acer Active Stylus. It’s built directly into the laptop, and Acer says it will deliver an authentic writing experience when utilized alongside the device’s touchscreen. I like the fact that it’s easily reachable on the back of the device, and you won’t have to purchase any additional accessories to make use of it.

While the unit I was able to check out is an early production model, Acer said it plans to release the hybrid computer with fast-charging technology, DTS audio, and a built-in smart amplifier. It also will feature up to a 1TB M.2 SSD, which means you shouldn’t run into any data performance issues during your routine work tasks.

Additionally, the laptop includes 5G capability, which means you can connect to the internet anywhere. This wasn’t something I had a chance to check out, but it should prove helpful for users who need constant access to their daily workflow.

The Acer Travelmate Spin 6 in Ten Mode.

Joshua Hawkins / Lifewire

Acer also set the Spin P6 up with a notable number of ports, so if you rely heavily on external hard drives, you shouldn't run into any issues getting everything connected.

All around, the form and design of the Acer TravelMate Spin P6 look good. I’m intrigued to see what—if anything—Acer changes between now and the December release window. But, if you’re looking for a lightweight workstation with plenty of features, and you don’t mind spending over $1,000, the TravelMate Spin P6 could be a good option to look into as we get closer to its launch.

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