Halo Combat Evolved Cheats Glitches and Hints

General Halo Combat Evolved Hints and Tips for Defeating Enemies

General Halo Hints

Teammate Respawn
During the co-op game if one player dies, back the other player out of the conflict for a while. The first player will re-spawn.

Alternate Ending
Successfully complete the last level of the game in campaign mode under the legendary difficulty setting. The new ending features a human and alien fighting hand to hand. The human will say "Its over", and then they hug because they know the explosion will kill them both.

Faster Reloading
To reload most weapons faster, press X and shortly after that press B to melee. Note: For the shot gun this will cause you to stop reloading.

Faster Warthog Weapon Use
This trick works best in multiplayer mode. Drive the warthog in a straight line. When you see an enemy, jump out of the Warthog. Tap X repeatedly and sidestep to the right. If you are quick enough, you will exit the Warthog and jump on the LAAG gun without stopping while the Warthog slows down. This also works well on ice as you keep sliding.

Tips for Defeating Enemies in Halo

Defeating Covenants
When Covenant dropship is getting ready to unload a group of Covenants, throw a grenade into the door as it opens. The blast will kill several of the enemies since they are all in one area.

There are places where a group of Covenants are, waiting for you to barge in and start shooting. If you can, sneak to the aliens and throw a grenade into their midst. It is best when a plasma grenade sticks to a Grunt, because he will run behind the rest of his companions. One grenade can take out five Covenants.

Defeating Flood Types
Do not try to take out any Flood types with a sniper rifle. It will go through their bodies without killing them. The weapon of choice is the shotgun. You can take them down with one shot.

On the small crawling Flood, use your assault rifle in short controlled bursts. Once one pops, it will also pop the ones nearby. Save shotgun and pistol ammunition for the working class Flood to drop them fast. It is also a good idea to hit them with your gun after they fall to make sure they are dead. On the fat Flood, use the shotgun to pop them, then clean up with a rifle.

Defeating Flugs
In the later levels of the game you will encounter new enemies called Flugs. These enemies will be small at first, but they will attack and control anything alive. Use a shotgun on these baby Flug as they tend to group in large numbers. By using the shotgun it will send a storm of bullets and kill most of them that are around. Use a shotgun on the possessed Flug, and it will kill most of them in one shot. This is made easier by the fact that most of them carry shotguns.

Defeating Grunts
When the Grunts are sleeping you can beat them to death with the butt of your gun without waking up any of the other Grunts. You can usually kill a four to seven of them before an alien spots you. They start sleeping in level 5, Assault on the Control Room. Just remember not to shoot or they will wake up.

Defeating Hunters
Normally Hunters are the hardest Covenant to kill, due to their powerful armor and shields. However, even the strongest armor has weak spots. If you look at their necks or backs, you can see an orange spot. Aim for it. One shot with any gun will kill them if you hit them there.

The best way to kill a hunter is to use a sniper rifle to zoom in on the orange spot.

If you are being chased by a Hunter or an alien with a sword, run backwards while facing the alien. Jump when they try to slash you. Throw a plasma grenade at the alien and it will stick to him. Turn around and run in a zig-zag pattern to make sure he does not catch you in the explosion.

If you are playing cooperative mode, have player two run in front of the Hunter until his back is turned to player one. While the Hunter is trying to turn player two into mush, have player one run up to the Hunter's back and melee attack the orange spot. The Hunter should die with one hit.

You can kill the Hunters in a head-on assault. Get in close and use the pistol or shotgun. Aim for the head holding down the trigger. Your first shot(s) will knock back the head, exposing the unarmored neck. One shot in the neck and they will die.

Defeating Jackals
Use a photon weapon to destroy a Jackal's shield quickly.

When you encounter a Jackal, run up and hit it with your weapon or use a gun that uses bullets, not energy.

When you are a far way away from Jackals and have a sniper, they will sit in the defense position and leave very little uncovered. You will notice that on the right or left is a small notch in the shield. Aim for it and the Jackal population will be severely decreased.

    Misc. Halo Level Tips

    Assault On The Control Room: Spinning Ring
    At the Halo start up screen, choose multiplayer mode. Choose cooperative play at the next screen, then choose your profiles at the next. Choose the level where in the beginning it says, "I would have been your daddy" (Assault On The Control Room). On the difficulty screen, choose legendary. When the level starts after the introduction sequence, have one of the players quickly press X when the "Press X to get on the Pelican" message appears. That player will re-board the ship and start flying with it down the hole. The other player will quickly die because of the aliens, and will be respawned on the spinning ring. Make sure to jump where there are gaps. If you are good enough, you can even jump to a nearby ledge. Additionally, once you are respawned on the ring, quickly jump off and fall to your death. Sometimes you will be respawned on the lowest ledge in all the blue haze, and a "Press X to flip the Pelican" will appear that the top of the screen very briefly.

    Assault On The Control Room: Fun with Weapons
    Where you cross the bridge, and all the little guys are sleeping, press B to hit them and quickly kill them. Leave one on the left or right still sleeping. Throw a plasma grenade on the turret. They will scream and sometimes get in the turret. Get back and watch  him fly out of the turret and fall to the ground very far below. Sometimes the turret will fall on him. When the dropship flies over and the other people with the shields start shooting at it, go up behind them and throw a plasma grenade on his head. He will run around and explode. Sometimes, he will fly all the way down to the ground below. Finally, when you get to the Banshees (flying alien vehicles) fly as high as you can. Then, floor it to the ground and hit people on the ground. Press L to shoot missiles and R to shoot lasers. Also, you can fly as high as you can and jump out. You will fall for a while, then hit the ground with a big "ch-wunk".

    Assault On The Control Room: Music from Myth
    Get towards the end of the level. Take a Banshee in the open area and go up to the Control Center. Locate the middle ledge that are around the central pillar in front of the door. Maneuver the Banshee so that is parallel to the walkway, and facing the left (with respect to the door), then land. Get out of the back carefully without falling. Walk to the right edge of the ledge and remain idle to eventually hear music from the PC game Myth.

    Assault On The Control Room: Steal a Banshee
    On the halo level assault on the control room, at the area where you run across a natural bridge to get to the other side (the one where you can see the entrance to the control room from it is very high up) you can run across very quickly and kill the alien getting in the banshee. take it yourself, and skip a lot of the level, it works in 2 player, but the 2nd banshee is a bit further on, so the first player who gets his has to ram the alien getting in it.

    Beach: Three Warthogs
    Get in the Warthog and drive around to the second group of trees. You will find another Warthog. Get in and proceed throughout the level. When the supply ship crashes there will be another Warthog, giving you a total of three.

    Halo: Fast Kills
    During level 2 "Halo", you will hear the warning "Take cover -- Covent ship is in boundaries". Run into the ship that you landed in and wait for the enemies to appear. Your motion detector will indicate when they are present. They will eventually walk by, not noticing you. Throw a grenade and start shooting to kill them much faster.

    Halo: Drive Off Cliff
    Get to the part where you can get in the Warthog and go off the cliff. Jump out of the Warthog. The Warthog will fall. You can see it fall or stay in it to fall off and die.

    The Maw - Grunt Message
    There is a Grunt in the level that will give you a message. To get to him, go all the way past where the drop-ship is going to pick you up. About three rooms after that, there will be a shortcut to your right. Go in it. In the middle will be two doors, to your left and right. Unlike the shortcuts, the door to your right will be open. Enter it. At the end of the hallway, get out of the jeep and the Grunt will be there. He tells you something that sounds like "It's a good thing there was food on this Starship cuz I worked up a big mighty thirst!"

    The Maw: Killing Enemies
    Use the following trick to kill the two Hunters, the Sentinels and the Flood. When you are in the maintenance access ways, you will see a black Grunt run from the Flood directly in front of you. Kill the Flood and turn left instead of going straight where the hunters are. Go where the Grunt went. When you get there, the Grunt will be standing in the doorway. Kill him and you should be in an enclosed room with many dead bodies on the ground. When you enter, turn to your right to find be some burning boxes. Go to them, and the Sentinels should be on the other side of the blast door. Shoot the glass and the bullets should go through the door and hit the enemies on the other side. The glass should not break, so the enemies cannot shoot you back.

    The Maw: Destabilize Engine
    When you open the vents, instead of going to the bottom floor to destroy the engines, jump on the coupling that is moving away from the engine. From there, destroy the engine. When the couplings start to pull back and reach the platform where the computer you pressed to pull the couplings back is located, jump back on it. Note: You cannot make the jump if you are on the white part of the couplings. To make it, there is a brown part on the very end of the couplings. You have to jump from that part to make it across.

    The Maw: Save Time
    On the last part when Echo 4-19 is supposed to pick you up and Cortana tells you to stop, do not do it. It is a waste of time because Echo 4-19 has been hit and crashes where you land. Keep driving straight towards the next beacon.

    The Maw (Get on top of the Longsword)
    When you see the Longsword, don't enter it. Instead take a rocket launch "it is recommended that you have a rocket launcher for these" take the warthog and face its front to the wall that is to your left,fire the rocket launcher and blast it over to the other side,go over untell your right under the platform that the Longsword is on,turn the warthog around so that the LAAG gun on the back is facing that way,move the warthog a little until when you get on top of it you can almost jump up and get on top of it, next get on top of the LAAG gun and take a plasma grenade and throw it right on top of LAAG gun and jump up right before it explodes move forward will in the air to get on top of the platform and if you timed it right you should make it on top of it alive "you should have full health and shields will doing these" now that you are on top you can walk over and see the Longsword up close,you can walk through it as will,it doesn't look like they fully completed these model.If you have enough time you can even walk all the way past the longsword and look outside and even jump off the edge to your death.

    343 Guilty Spark - Stay on the Ship!
    While the level is loading and the cutscene is playing, hold down the button for throwing a grenade. If done correctly, you should stay on the ship until it lands on a different area on the level.

    The Pillar of Autumn - Shields
    On The Pillar of Autumn level 1, there are some empty airlocks that the Covenants have entered from. After killing the Covenants, go inside to find two extra shields. These shields are better than your normal shield protection.

    The Pillar of Autumn - Different Messages from Marine Captain
    Depending on which difficulty setting you select, the captain of the Marines says a different motivational speech. From something soft in the easy setting, to something brutal with the legendary setting.

      Halo Multi-player Tips

      Halo Multi-player Mode: Instant Kills
      When you are facing a partner in multi-player and you cannot find ammunition, sneak up behind him and hit him in the back for an instant kill.

      Halo Multi-player Mode: Instant Full Life
      This trick works better in cooperative mode. If you need life and you have a partner, wait until you have killed 90% of the enemies around you. Then, have your partner hit you in the back with a gun. You will respawn with full life and assault rifle ammo. In single player mode, you can frag yourself but your weapons might fly across the screen and you will need to find them.

      Halo Multi-player Mode: Extra Ammunition
      In cooperative mode, have your friend kill you by hitting you in back with a melee attack. Then, have him pick up your ammunition, respawn again, and repeat. Have him keep killing you until he is full, then have your player pick up your ammo after he kills you. You will then have maximum ammunition. Note: this only works for the machine gun.

      Halo Multi-player Mode: Fly in Ghost
      Go to the multi-player screen with the Slayer, King Of The Hill, and other options. Select "Create" Allow all vehicles in multi-player. Go to either Blood Gulch or Sidewinder. You can find Tanks, Ghosts and Warthogs. Set up a Tank in a strategic place for some fun, then get out, get in a Ghost, and go as fast as you can at the tank, towards the front. When you hit it, you will fly into the air and land hard.

      Halo Multi-player Mode: Warthog On Top of Base at Blood Gulch
      Create a multi-player game with two people and enable all vehicles. Take the Warthog and ram it in the side door leading up to the top of the base. Then, have that person hold Up so it does not fall out. Next, have the other person use the Tank and ram the back of the Warthog. If it does not pop up, try the Ghost and ram it again. if done correctly, the Warthog should pop up to the top of the base. Note: If one side does not work try the other side.

      Halo Multi-player Mode: Completing Under Legendary Difficulty
      If you are playing the levels in cooperative mode under the legendary difficulty setting, have one person stay behind and the other one charge into battle. Keep doing this until the room is cleared. Have the person with the worst inventory go into battle. When they lose their items when they die, you will still have the good weapons.

      Halo Multi-player Mode: Recommended Weapons
      The weapons of choice are a shotgun or rifle, and a sniper. This allows you good coverage for short and long-range battles. The sniper helps you take out people that unaware you are aiming at them or in tanks. The shotgun is useful in close combat. Also, do not forget melee attacks and grenades.

        General Halo Hints and Secrets

        Use Flashlight to Help Defeat the Flood
        When you get to the part when the people and aliens infected by the Flood start coming after you, turn your flashlight on and point it at them. The large one will stop running and jumping so that they are easier to shoot. However, if you raise your gun to reload, turn away from them or take the light off of them in any way, they will resume running around and try to kill you again. Although the creatures infected by the Flood stand still when you point the flashlight at them, they may still shoot if they have a gun, so kill them quickly.

        Do It Yourself Grenade Launcher
        Get two plasma grenades. Place a grenade down, then place the second grenade in front of it about one to two feet away. Stand back, and when the first one explodes. It will send off a duplicate of the remaining grenade. When one of the copies stays, the other blasts off in the direction the first grenade was sent it in. Wait for the second grenade's time to go off and watch the explosion either in the air or on the ground. Note: Do not stand too close, as the grenade may cause injury, burns, and/or even death.

        Rocket Launcher Instructions
        If you have a gun with a scope, use it to look at the middle of the Rocket Launcher. You will see a small picture with a man holding the gun with the text "Hold This Way".

        Do Donut In Warthog
        Press Left Analog-stick Left and press Right Analog-stick Right.

        On a level where you can find a group of five or more marines (such as Assault On The Control Room), kill three marines quickly. The remaining marines will call you a traitor (shouting things like "He's loco!") and will start firing at you. If you shoot them, sometimes they will ask you if they owe you money or tell you to clean the mud off your visor.

          Halo Glitches

          Crazy Camera Halo Glitch
          In the level 2, "Halo", under the easy difficulty setting, play through the sections normally but make sure that the last lifeboat you find is the one obtained by entering the building to find the marines. When the Pelican arrives for you to get on and fly away, go to your Warthog instead. Drive it up close to the Pelican, making sure that the side seat is facing the opening of the Dropship. If done correctly, the Pelican will fly off, but the camera will not know which vehicle to follow. The camera should fly around and go haywire. Note: This does not happen all the time.

          Truth And Reconciliation: Shoot Through Door Halo Glitch
          While on The Truth And Reconciliation level, go to the landing where the two Hunters are after you. Kill all the men there, then go to the bottom. You will notice that the Elite has closed the door, but you can still kill him. This works well when playing with a friend. Jump up and when you see him, fire through the glass. A clip or two may be required. This trick works in any location where the doors are part glass.

          Fall To Your Death Halo Glitch
          In level 5, the section "I Want To Be Your Daddy" is the first that you see. In order to do this trick you have to be in single player mode. When the Dropship is about to let you out, quickly press X button to sit back down in the seat. You will fly down the pit and go around in circles as the Covenant tries to shoot you down. Once you wait long enough, the Dropship disappears from sight and you will float down to your doom.

          Warthog vs. Echo 4-19 Glitch
          On the "The Silent Cartographer" level, take the second Warthog on the island and put it where the Echo will crash. Resume playing the level through. When it crashes, look at the Warthog. It should be stuck in the Echo.

          Duplicating Warthogs in Halo Glitch
          Place a Warthog where the drop ship will crash, then disable the security system. When you return, there will be a Warthog a short distance from the crash and one inside it. To get it out, use the rocket launcher by the ship. Go to the right side of it and shoot by where the Warthog is located. Then, go to the left side and shoot again where the Warthog is stuck. After that, you should be able to drive it out. You can now have three Warthogs in the level.

          Wraith Tank Halo Glitch
          On the Assault On The Control Room level, take the Scorpion Tank and flip the Energy Tank. The man will fall out. Go up to the tank and the game will say press X to flip Wraith. However, you cannot drive it.

          Floating Covenant Halo Glitch
          Throw a grenade and kill a covenant. They will sometimes land on top of the shields that you can hide behind. There are many of these in The Pillar Of Autumn level. After they land on top, destroy the shield. They will float in mid-air instead of dropping to the ground. Note: This does not happen very often.

          Dead on the Other Side Halo Glitch
          On the Silent Cartographer level, when the door locks there is a window in it that you can shoot through and kill the Covenant swordsmen. Go through the level until the FMV sequence in which the swordsmen walks out begins. He will be standing on a dead version of him.

          Waiting For You Halo Glitch
          On the Silent Cartographer level, take the Warthog down to the floor where the door locks. Make sure you have marines in the Warthog. Park it in front of the door and leave them there. Do not go too fast before the door shuts, or your wheel will get stuck in the door. Play the game through until the FMV sequence showing the covenant swordsmen running out begins. He will run right into the warthog and start shooting. The marines will also shoot at him. However, when you go back the marines will still be there,and the swordsmen will occur later as normal.

          Living Dead in Multi-player Halo Glitch
          In multi-player mode after someone dies, throw a plasma grenade on them. After it explodes, the corpse will fly in the air and flail its arms as if it was still alive.

          Master Chief vs. Fiery Phantom Halo Glitch
          Go to any level that has Phantoms. Reduce the Phantom's life to one red bar. Go to a high location where you can land and stick a plasma grenade to the inside of it. Quickly get into the Phantom and fly forward. The grenade will explode and Master Chief will fly out in front of the flaming Phantom looking as if he is running from it