Halo: Combat Evolved Cheat Codes for PC

Cheats for the Custom Edition of Halo on PC

Halo: Combat Evolved

Microsoft Games Studios

Need a little push in the right direction when it comes to Halo? We've got you covered with these special cheats that you can only use on the PC version of the game. Whether you're looking to speed the game up or simply put enemies who end up spotting you to death in a swift manner, there's a cheat here for you to utilize. 

The following cheats are available for Halo: Combat Evolved on the PC. No matter what you do, you will not be able to activate cheats in online games. In order to use cheats for Halo, you will need to begin the game with the following command line parameter:

-console -devmode

Beginning a game using command line parameters is not an especially difficult thing to pick up and/or learn, but you might want to read up on the basics.

Halo: Combat Evolved Cheat Codes

Here are the cheats that are available for Halo (custom edition) on the PC. Make sure you're entering the text as you see it below the bolded headlines exactly, or it's not going to work. It's also important to note that some of these cheats likely won't work stacked on top of each other, so make sure you're not just putting cheats in all willy-nilly when trying to implement them in your game. 

Toggle Instant Deaths For Enemies That See Player

  • Cheat code: cheat_medusa <0 or 1>

Set Game Speed

  • Cheat code: game_speed <0-20>

Clear Console Window

  • Cheat code: cls

Toggle Unlimited Ammunition And No Overheating For Human Weapons And Plasma Weapons

  • Cheat code: cheat_bottomless_clip <0 or 1>

Unlimited Ammunition

  • Cheat code: cheat_infinite_ammo <0 or 1>

Super Jumps

  • Cheat code: cheat_super_jump <0 or 1>

Possess Touched Character

  • Cheat code: cheat_bump_possession <0 or 1>


  • Cheat code: cheat_deathless_player <0 or 1>

Spawn Warthog

  • Cheat code: cheat_spawn_warthog

Spawn All Power-Ups

  • Cheat code: cheat_all_powerups

Spawn All Vehicles

  • Cheat code: cheat_all_vehicles

Spawn All Weapons

  • Cheat code: cheat_all_weapons

Teleport Player To Current Camera Position

  • Cheat code: cheat_teleport_to_camera

Save Current Camera Location

  • Cheat code: debug_camera_save

Go To Saved Camera Location, Away From Player

  • Cheat code: debug_camera_load

List Player Names And Numbers On Server

  • Cheat code: sv_players

Ban Indicated Player From Server

  • Cheat code: sv_ban <player name or number>

Kick Indicated Player From Server

  • Cheat code: sv_kick <player name or number>

Send Message As **SERVER** User Name

  • Cheat code: sv_say <message>

Note: When sending messages, use the ( _ ) underscore symbol in place of spaces in your message.

Quit Game

  • Cheat code: quit