This Halloween, Spruce Up Your Minecraft World!

Some tips for making your Minecraft world just a little more spooky!

As Halloween rolls around you may feel the urge to make your world slightly more spooky or more in tune with the seasons outside of your PC. There are many simple things you can do to make your world much more interesting come Halloween.


Minecraft Cobwebs

If you’d like to keep things simple in decorating your world and not go too overboard with building, you could easily decorate your world with Cobwebs. To decorate your world with Cobwebs, place them evenly around certain structures. If you put too many Cobwebs in a specific area it will look cluttered and may not give off the right vibe.

While you could spawn them into your world with Creative, if you’re one who enjoys being legitimate and staying in Survival you can easily obtain these items. When broken, Cobwebs will turn into string. String can not be turned into Cobweb regardless of the combinations in a crafting recipe. To obtain Cobweb in Minecraft you will need to enchant a set of Shears with the Silk Touch enchantment. The Silk Touch enchantment allows blocks that would generally drop something else to drop the block themselves.

Pumpkins and Jack O’ Lanterns

Minecraft Jack O' Lantern

Pumpkins are a great way to make your world have more of an Autumn feel to it. Pumpkins will make your world have a great aesthetic feel from the beginning of Fall to the beginning of Winter (if you’re wanting it to correspond to the weather outside).

To decorate your world with Pumpkins, feel free to place them inside of homes as well as outside of homes. They make great ornaments for showing off the beauty of a Minecraft world. Pumpkins themselves are more so something that will feel nice until the end of Autumn, Jack O’ Lanterns are more so for that Halloween feel. The bright side about Jack O’ Lanterns in Minecraft are that they give off light, as well. (Yes, that last sentence had a pun). 


Minecraft Scarecrow

Scarecrows, the bane of birds! Even though there are no birds in Minecraft, this type of creation will make your world seem much more lively. This small build incorporates various items and objects. Armor Stands are a type of entity that is allowed to wear items based on what the player can wear (such as Diamond, Iron, Gold, Leather and Chain armors). As it is able to do this, you can easily create a scarecrow look-a-like.

If you place a Pumpkin on the head of the Armor Stand, it will wield it as if it is a helmet. Place any armor on him and he will have clothes. To make your scarecrow more personal, try messing with Dyes and Leather Armor. Using a Dye on the Leather Armor will allow the piece of armor to change color and look nicer.

Pumpkin Patch

Minecraft Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches always provide a nice atmosphere in real life, so why not in Minecraft? To create a nice looking Pumpkin patch, the first thing you should do is find a nice plot of land. Make sure it’s big enough to contain a lot of Pumpkins and Hay Bales. Something else that could be added into the mix is a scarecrow in the Pumpkin patch itself. Don’t feel afraid to add too many Pumpkins or too many Hay Bales.

With the Pumpkins, be sure to space them out enough so they don’t look mashed together and look like a giant morphed Pumpkin (unless that’s what you’re going for). With the Hay Bales, feel feel to put a few up against and on top of each other as they blend well. Adding a Pumpkin patch will definitely make your world seem more set for Autumn. Come Winter, if you don’t like it anymore, feel free to swap it out with something else or tear it all down!

In Conclusion!

There are many ways to make your Minecraft world much more interesting. These few ideas may add to your world in ways you may have never thought of. All of these ideas can be easily personalized so feel free to go crazy with your creations! See what you can do and have fun!