A List of Free Halloween Fonts

Dripping Blood Fonts and Scary Halloween Dingbats

Fonts that drip blood are especially popular around Halloween. Even in black, they look like they've been dipped in or written in blood. Add a little graphic enhancement using scary Halloween dingbat fonts and you have the perfect fonts for Halloween webpages, Halloween party posters, and invitations or decorations. There are also a handful of less scary fonts for a classy or young kids' Halloween. The fonts shown here are available as free downloads.

Most of these fonts are available in either TrueType or OpenType format.

FE 10 Lil Ghosts
Font Environment

10 Lil Ghosts is an OpenType font from Font Environment. The name of the font says it all. More would be nice, but they are cute.

Sample of Bloodfeast

BloodFeast is an all-caps dripping blood font designed by Brain Eaters Font Co. It comes with little drops of blood all around.

Sample of Manson Nights
© J. Howard Bear

The bold bleeding letters of Manson Nights created by Ben Nathan almost have a stencil look to them ... a bloody stencil look.

Gargoyles de France Halloween Font

The Gargoyles de France font isn't filled with your typical gargoyles of stone. Find fun images of grotesque characters in this cool Halloween dingbat font.

Free Halloween Font GroovyGhosties

Groovy Ghosties is an imaginative font. Some of the ghosts-shaped letters are difficult to decipher, but on the plus side, there are numbers and several common marks of punctuation. This Halloween dingbat font comes from font designer Ray Larabie.

Free Halloween Font Halloween Borders

The Halloween Borders font is a nicely drawn collection of jack-o-lanterns, skulls, and tombstones that work well individually or combined for spooky borders and frames.

Free Halloween Font iLL oCtoBer

Ill October is a varied selection of traditional Halloween images including a witch, black cat, skulls, tombstone, ghosts, and bats in a cut-out style. The font also has devilish faces, shapes, and symbols.

Free Halloween Font iLL oCtoBer 98
© J. Howard Bear

Ill October 98 has lots of simple cutouts of classic Halloween images and symbols. If you already have the earlier Ill October, you'll find only a few different dingbats here.

Free Halloween Font MonsterParty
Free Halloween Font MonsterParty.

The Monster Party font has some nicely rendered images of classic monsters, creatures, and actors from the movies and TV. They are not pretty but definitely appropriate for the season.

Free Halloween Font Pumpkinese
Free Halloween Font Pumpkinese.

The Pumpkinese font may be repetitive, but if pumpkins are your thing, you need this font from Tim Watkins. It could appeal to young children with its clear letters and simple pumpkin shapes.

Sample of Shlop

Ray Larabie created this bloody mess, which is actually a neat, orderly sans serif font with a dripping blood problem. It could drive anyone to murder and mayhem.

Free Halloween Font Skullz
Free Halloween Font Skullz.

The Skullz font is more than just a skull and crossbones collection, although there are several of those to choose from. It's a good collection of skulls and bones in several styles.