Free Halloween Clip Art for Your Mac or PC

The Best Halloween Clip Art For Your Mac or PC

black and white drawing of a skull and crossbones

 Graphics Fairy

Halloween used to be mostly for kids, but it's grown into a holiday that's equally (if not more) popular with adults. Here are 11 sites that provide free or low-cost clip art you can use in Halloween-related projects.

In most cases, you can download an image to your Mac or PC by right-clicking the image and selecting Save Image As from the pop-up menu.

Most of the images are free for personal use, but be sure to read the licensing agreement, copyright information, or terms of use before you download and use any images.

The Graphics Fairy: Vintage Clip Art & Crafts Projects

Whimsical witch Halloween greeting card

 The Graphics Fairy

If you like vintage stuff, you'll love The Graphics Fairy; she specializes in vintage clip art and crafts projects. You'll find both black-and-white and color Halloween clip art on The Crafts Fairy web site (just search for "Halloween"), as well as some printable Halloween projects for kids to color. The possibilities include a walking skeleton, spooky trees, bats, black cats, witches, and spiders. If your sense of humor is on the quirky side, you can print out black-and-white or sepia-toned eyeballs and temporarily paste them over portraits and photos around your house. Are those eyes really following you? They just might be!

Free Vintage Halloween Witches Cards

Vintage Halloween card showing a witch on her broom with 2 young children and the text Good Gracious, Witch, how Halloweeny

Not to overdo the theme, but while we're on the subject of vintage, the Vintage Holiday Crafts web site has a small collection of cute and colorful vintage Halloween cards and postcards. You can turn the images into Halloween ecards, print them to use on Halloween party invitations, or incorporate them into crafts projects. Although the cards feature witches, even the sternest of the bunch isn't very scary; the rest range from kindly to kids in costumes. Free Halloween Clip Art

illustration of kids dressed up as a pirate, vampire, and ghost 

Bats, cats, witches, ghosts, pumpkins, spiders, and haunted houses; you'll find all of these, and a few more, on Images are about evenly divided between black-and-white and color. The web site also includes (dare we say it?) a collection of colorful vintage Victorian Halloween images. Click the "Victorian: Halloween Clip Art" link on the Free Halloween Clipart page to view and download the vintage images.

Free Halloween Clip Art by Phillip Martin

Illustration of a witch flying in front of the moon

 Phillip Martin

This kid-friendly, colorful, and slightly whimsical collection of Halloween clip art by illustrator Phillip Martin is designed primarily for teachers and classroom use; they're also available for school newsletters, school web sites, and other non-profit use. Images are suitable for young children (even the bats aren't scary), as well as slightly older kids. Free Halloween Clipart Images

Trick or Treating ghost

What do you think of when you see candy corn? Why, Halloween of course. (Okay, candy corn may not be the first thing you think of when you think of Halloween, but that's beside the point.) We couldn't resist this site; its tempting image of candy corn had us adding Halloween candy to our shopping list a little earlier than usual. The web site features a Pacman-like ghost, dancing skeletons, tombstones, the Grim Reaper, pumpkins, bats, a skull, and a green Gummi bear. And did we mention candy corn?




The Halloween web site offers a mostly light-hearted collection of black-and-white and color cartoon-style Halloween images. The cast of characters includes a bug-eyed frog, a goofy monster toting a trick-or-treat sack over his (her? its?) shoulder, bats, cats, witches, zombies, ghosts, pumpkins, and vampires. Some images are available in multiple versions (black-and-white, color, either or both with text). Most, but not all, images are free for personal use. Halloween

jack-o-lanterns in front of a spooky landscape has a large collection of colorful Halloween clip art, ranging from humorous to more than a little spooky. Images include bats, black cats, pumpkins, witches, haunted houses, ghosts, and dancing skeletons; some of the images include text, such as “Witches ahead!” or “Happy Halloween.”

Most of the clip art is available in JPG format, which is compatible with most desktop publishing and word processing apps. Some of the clip art is also (or only) available in vector format, which provides higher quality print images but isn’t as widely compatible as JPG format. The images are free for personal use. Spooky Clip Art

a jack-o-lantern with its head cut open

A multi-armed, multi-eyed alien (in polka dot boxer shorts, no less) is just one of the Halloween images available on the web site. You’ll also find a masked trick-or-treating dog, a decidedly un-spooky Frankenstein, with a speech bubble for you to enter the text of your choice, a mummy, a skeleton peeking around a gravestone, a morose pumpkin, a dancing vampire, and a purple bat, among other colorful cartoon-style characters. The images are free for personal use.