Halley Bondy

Halley Bondy
 Heather White

Tech News Reporter

Brooklyn, NY


Barnard College


General reporting

Gender and diversity issues

Social justice


Digital scams

Freelancer rights

Scripts (webcomics, podcasts, marketing content, comedy, sketch, plays)


  • Freelance writer with 13 years of experience writing news, scripts, roundups and more. Her work has appeared in Digital Trends, Business Insider, Daily Beast, NBC News, GenderIT.org, "Masters of Scale" podcast, "You Must Remember This" podcast, Bustle, and many more.
  • Activist for women's rights, immigrant rights, and freelancer autonomy. Founder of Fight for Freelancers, New York, and writer of the #AbolishICE webcomic "Sofia Of The Crags" coming out October 2020. 
  • Writer of five nonfiction books for kids, including MeToo & You: Everything You Need To Know About Consent, Boundaries, and More, coming out in 2021 through Lerner Publishing Group.



 Halley Bondy is a professional freelance writer, journalist and mom based in Brooklyn. You can find her articles in NBC News, Business Insider, Digital Trends, GenderIT.org, Daily Beast, DAME Magazine, Eater NY, Bustle, Romper, The Outline, Oxygen, CMT, Scary Mommy, Vice, New York Daily News, MTV, and more. She writes scripts for the “Masters of Scale” podcast, and has written for “You Must Remember This.” Bondy has written five empowering nonfiction books for young girls. Her work has won a Shorty Award for digital content, as well as the Outstanding Playwright award at the Fringe NYC Festival, and a GEM Award at NBC. 

Halley's relevant experience includes:

  • Educational and parenting tech roundups for Business Insider
  • Tech news features for Digital Trends, Daily Beast, The Outline
  • Multiple features about women and POC in tech for NBC News

Halley has spent the last decade juggling her many interests, from theater to comedy to hard journalism to activism. After many years of full-time work at various newspapers and media companies, she set out on her own in 2018 - and has been quite unstoppable since. 

My gear

Halley does all of her work on a Dell XPS 13 laptop, an iPad, and an iPhone 8 (she's working on that last one). She uses a Zoom recorder for podcast interviews and a Playstation 4 for all of her entertainment. She still uses a Chromecast once in a while to stream movies into her kid's room.



Halley got a BA from Barnard College. She speaks advanced Spanish and is currently taking lessons. 

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