Half-Life: Counter Strike Cheats Codes FAQs & Hints for PC

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Here are some hints at how to get different weapons in the PC game Half-Life: Counter Strike:

  • 120 Bullets for Glock pistol: Buy an MP5 and all its bullets, then buy a Glock Pistol. If you already have it, you do not have to buy another one.
  • 120 Bullets for Steyer TMP: Buy an MP5 and all its bullets, then buy a TMP.
  • 59 Bullets for USP 45 Pistol: Buy a USP pistol, shoot one bullet and reload. Buy the bullets again.
  • 89 Bullets for H&K Sniper Rifle: Buy a scout and all the bullets. Shoot once, reload, and buy the bullets again. Then, buy an H&K sniper rifle.
  • 90 Bullets for USP 45 Pistol: Buy a MAC-10 and all its bullets, then buy a USP 45 Pistol.
  • 98 Bullets for Scout: Buy a Scout, shoot one bullet and reload. Then, buy the bullets again.
  • Bind Keys: To activate codes easier, bind them to keys. For example, type: bind x "impulse 101" at the console window to bind the "$16,000" code to the "X" key.

Cheat Codes

Activate the console on the server machine [~] and type "sv_cheats 1" to enable the following codes for Half-Life. All codes must be entered from the Host computer:

  • Arctic sniper rifle - givespaceweapon_awp
  • Auto-aim with sniper rifle - sv_aim
  • Adjust gravity - sv_gravity
  • See and fire through walls and objects - gl_zmax
  • View other players frags - cl_hidefrags 0
  • Faster forward motion - cl_forwardspeed 999
  • Faster backwards motion - cl_backspeed 999
  • Faster side motion - cl_sidespeed 999
  • Level select - changelevel
  • Weapon select - give
  • Auto-reload enabled - +reload
  • Auto-reload disabled - -reload
  • Change skins - skin
  • See things brightly without flashlight - lambert -1.0001
  • SetC4 timer - mp_c4timer
  • Hyper auto-aim enabled - sv_clienttrace 999999999
  • Hyper auto-aim disabled - sv_clienttrace 1
  • Get $16,000 - impulse101
  • Splatter bones and body tissue - impulse102 (or impulse202)
  • Set freeze period at the start of rounds. Set to 0 to disable (default is 6) - mp_freezetime
  • Set maximum length in minutes a round can last (default is 5) - mp_roundtime
  • Toggle auto-help hint messages (default is 1) - ah
  • Toggle crosshairs in observer mode (default is 1) - cl_observercrosshair
  • Toggle flashlight use (default is 1) - mp_flashlight
  • Toggle footsteps (default is 1) - mp_footsteps
  • Whiten all surroundings at 800x600 resolution - r_lightmap 1
  • Turn off textures - gl_picmic 3

Give Command Cheat Codes

Use one of the following entries with the "give" code to get the corresponding weapon:

  • AK-47 - weapon_ak47
  • Benneli xm1014 - weapon_xm1014
  • C4 - weapon_c4
  • Colt M4a1 carbine - weapon_m4a1
  • Commando - weapon_sg552
  • Fn P90 - weapon_p90
  • Glock 18 pistol - weapon_glock18
  • HE grenade - weapon_hegrenade
  • M3 super shotgun - weapon_m3
  • MAC-10 - weapon_mac 10
  • MP5 - weapon_mp5navy
  • Para - weapon_m249
  • Scout - weapon_scout
  • SIG p228 - weapon_p228
  • Steyr Aug - weapon_aug
  • Desert eagle - weapon_deagle
  • Usp.45 pistol - weapon_usp

Skin Command Cheat Codes

Use the following skin names with "skin" code:

  • Arab - arab
  • Arctic - arcticGSG9 - gsg9
  • Guerrilla - guerrilla
  • Hostage - hostage
  • SAS - sas
  • SEAL - seal
  • Terrorist - terror
  • VIP - vip


These cheats work only if they are enabled on the server machine, which is rarely the case. You may also have issues with newer versions of the game.

Set the C4 Timer

This code must also be entered from the Host Computer. Hit the ~ (by default). Enter: Mp_c4timer (enter a # between –1000 and 1000) –1000 will be a very short timer, and 1000 is a long timer.

Silent AWP Shots

in the console, type "bind mouse1 "+attack; impulse 100" then press Enter. When you shoot your AWP or any sniper rifle, your shots will be silent. Be warned, if you try this with a full-auto weapon, chances are you will be killed as the weapon might jam and stop shooting.

Sniping AK47

Aim the crosshair in the middle of the enemy and shoot the bullets two by two. When the crosshair becomes large, run and reload. The target should be dead after you shoot the first two bullets.

Temporary Invincibility

Type bind "setinfo model ../oranget" during game play. Keep pressing the key that was bound to that command to become invincible.

Temporary SAS Appearance as Terrorist

Type bind "setinfo model sas" (for terrorist only). Your whole body will change into UK SAS suit. Keep pressing the key that was bound to that command.