Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the '80s Cheats

Unlock Cool Guitars, Bonus Songs, and More

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s PS2 box


Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the '80s cheats lets you use cool and unique bonus guitars, give wacky heads to your audience, and bestow upon your guitarist an equine or incendiary cranium while jamming to 80's classic tunes.

To use these Guitar Hero Encore cheats, enter the code from below on the main menu in the game. Each letter in the cheat code represents buttons on the PS2 controller: G for the green button, R for the red button, Y for yellow, B for blue, and O for orange.


EffectCheat Code
Crowd's heads are eyeballsY, B, O, O, O ,B, Y
Crowd's heads are monkeysB, B, O, Y, B, B, O, Y
Enable performance modeB, B, O, Y, Y, B, O, B
Guitarist gets flaming headY, O, Y, O, Y, O, B, O
Guitarist gets horse headB, O, O, B, Y, B, O, O B, Y
Toggle hyperspeedY, B, O, O, B, Y, Y, O
Unlock air guitarY, B, Y, O, B, B
Unlock everythingB, O, Y, R, O, Y, B, Y, R, Y, B, Y, R, Y, B, Y


In addition to Guitar Hero Rocks the '80s cheats are these unlockables:

Axe guitarBeat expert career
Casket guitarBeat medium career
Eyeball guitarFive-star every song on hard career
Fish guitarBeat easy career
Gibson Cherry SGBeat 10 songs in co-op mode
Gibson Cream SGFive-star 20 songs in co-op mode
Gibson GrabberBeat 20 songs in co-op mode
Gibson Grabber Natural MapleGet 4 or more stars on all songs in co-op mode
Gibson Thunderbird Natural SunburstBeat 30 songs in co-op mode
Hofner BassBeat all songs in co-op mode
Hofner Sunburst ClassicFive-star all songs in co-op mode
Musicman Stingray Lava PearlFive-star 21 songs
Snaketapus guitarBeat hard career
The log guitarFive-star every song on expert career
USA guitarFive-star every song on easy career
Viking guitarFive-star every song on medium career

Bonus Songs

You can also complete these actions to get bonus songs in Guitar Hero Rocks the '80s:

"18 and Life" by Skid RowComplete the first set plus encore
"Because It's Midnight" by LimozeenComplete Amp Warmers plus encore
"I Wanna Rock" by Twisted SisterComplete String Snappers plus encore
"Play with Me" by ExtremeComplete Furious Fretwork
"Round and Round" by RattComplete Return of the Shred
"Wrathchild" by Iron MaidenComplete Relentless Riffs