What Do Facebook Messenger Emoticons Mean?

Discover All the Faces, Emoticons and Icons from Facebook Chat

Facebook Messenger Chat


Let's face it: Smileys on Facebook Chat complete the experience. Without all those cute little emoticons, how could we convey our joy or sorrow, elation or pain? In short, Facebook Chat icons are really important.

But, did you know outside the original set of 26 smileys on Facebook Chat, hundreds of other emoticons are also available if you are on Firefox? Or that there are people who actually get paid to create emoticons for Facebook?

Read on in this ultimate guide to Facebook Chat faces and learn how to become a master of all these icons.

Guide to Facebook Chat Smileys

The Original Facebook Chat Emoticons
26 little icons, so little time. Check out this list of the first smileys introduced on Facebook, and how to use them in your chats with friends and family.

How to Add More Smileys to Facebook
Facemoods is an exciting add-on to the Firefox web browser which allows Facebook Chat users to access a menu of hundreds of new, exciting faces.

What Does the 42 Facebook Emoticon Mean?
Ever stop to consider what the 42 Facebook icon means? Learn how this little emoticon could be the meaning to everything in the world, not just Facebook Chat!

Facebook Chat Guide for Beginners
Whether you are new to the social network or need some help, this guide to Facebook Chat will show you how to use the site's embedded IM client.

Making Faces: The Dream Job of Creating Facebook Emoticons
For Facemoods Co-Founder Arnon Harish, creating new smileys for Facebook Chat is all in a day's work. Learn what it is like creating Facebook Chat emoticons as a job!