A Step By Step Guide To Installing Xubuntu Linux

 This guide shows how to install Xubuntu Linux using step by step instructions.

Why would you want to install Xubuntu? Here are three reasons:

  1. You have a computer running Windows XP that is out of support
  2. You have a computer that is running really slowly and you want a lightweight but modern operating system
  3. You want to be able to customise your computing experience 

The first thing you need to do is download Xubuntu and create a bootable USB drive.

After you have done this boot into a live version of Xubuntu and click on the install Xubuntu icon.

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Choose Your Installation Language

screenshot Choose Language

The first step is to choose your language.

Click on the language in the left pane and then click Continue.

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Choose Wireless Connection

Set Up Your Wireless Connection

The second step requires you to choose your internet connection. This is not a required step and there are reasons why you might choose not to set up your internet connection at this stage.

If you have a poor internet connection it is a good idea not to choose a wireless network because the installer will attempt to download updates as part of the installation. Your installation will, therefore, take a long time to complete.

If you have a really good internet connection choose your wireless network and enter the security key. 

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Be Prepared

Preparing To Install Xubuntu

You will now see a checklist which shows how well prepared you are for installing Xubuntu:

  • Do you have at least 6.2 gigabytes of disk space?
  • Are you connected to the internet?
  • Are you connected to a power source?

The only one that is a necessity is the disk space.

As mentioned in the previous step you can install Xubuntu without being connected to the internet. You can install updates once the installation is complete.

You only need to be connected to a power source if you are likely to run out of battery power during the installation.

Note that if you are connected to the internet there is a checkbox to turn off the option to download updates while installing.

There is also a checkbox that lets you install third-party software to enable you to play MP3s and watch Flash videos. This is a step that can be completed post-installation as well.

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Choose Your Installation Type

Choose Your Xubuntu Installation Type

The next step is to choose the installation type. The options available will depend on what is already installed on the computer.

In our case, we were installing Xubuntu on a netbook over the top of Ubuntu MATE and so I had options to reinstall Ubuntu, erase and reinstall, install Xubuntu alongside Ubuntu or something else.

If you have Windows on your computer you will have options to install alongside, replace Windows with Xubuntu or something else.

This guide shows how to install Xubuntu on a computer and not how to dual boot. That is a completely different guide altogether.

Choose the option to replace your operating system with Xubuntu and click Continue.

This will cause your disk to be wiped and you should backup all of your data before continuing 

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Choose the Disk to Install To

Erase Disk And Install Xubuntu

Select the drive you wish to install Xubuntu to.

Click Install Now.

A warning will appear telling you that the drive will be wiped and you will be shown a list of partitions that will be created.

This is the very last chance to change your mind. If you click continue the disk will be wiped and Xubuntu will be installed.

Click Continue to install Xubuntu.

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Choose Your Location

Choose Your Location
Choose Your Location.

You are now required to choose your location by clicking on the map. This sets your timezone so that your clock is set to the right time.

After you have selected the correct location click "Continue".

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Choose Your Keyboard Layout

Xubuntu Keyboard Layout

Choose your keyboard layout.

To do this select the language of your keyboard in the left-hand pane and then choose the exact layout in the right pane such as dialect, number of keys etc.

You can click the Detect Keyboard Layout button to automatically select the best keyboard layout.

To make sure the keyboard layout is set correctly enter text into the "Type here to test your keyboard." Pay close attention to function keys and symbols such as the pound and dollar symbols.

Don't worry if you don't get this right during installation. You can set the keyboard layout again within Xubuntu's system settings post-installation.

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Add a User

Add A User

In order to use Xubuntu, you will need to have at least one user set up and so the installer requires you to create a default user.

Enter your name and a name to distinguish the computer into the first two boxes.

Choose a username and set up a password for the user. You will need to type the password in twice to make sure you have set the password correctly.

If you want Xubuntu to automatically login without having to enter a password check the box marked Log in automatically. For security reasons, we would never recommend doing this though. 

The better option is to check the Require my password to log in radio button and if you want to be completely secure check the Encrypt my home folder option.

Click Continue to move on.

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Wait For Installation to Complete

Wait For Xubuntu To Install

The files will now be copied to your computer and Xubuntu will be installed.

During this process, you will see a short slide show. You can go and make some coffee at this point and relax.

A message will appear stating that you can continue to try Xubuntu or reboot to start using the newly installed Xubuntu.

When you are ready, reboot and remove the USB drive.

To install Xubuntu on a UEFI based machine requires some extra steps not included here. These instructions will be added as a separate guide.