A Step-By-Step Guide to Installing Xubuntu Linux

Install a lighter weight version of Ubuntu on your PC

This guide shows how to install Xubuntu Linux using step by step instructions.

Why would you want to install Xubuntu? Here are three reasons:

  1. You have a computer running an older version of Windows that is out of support.
  2. You have a computer that is running really slowly and you want a lightweight but modern operating system.
  3. You want to be able to customize your computing experience.

The first thing you need to do is download Xubuntu and create a bootable USB drive.

Install Xubuntu on Your PC

Once your computer reboots into your USB drive, you'll be ready to begin installing Xubuntu.

  1. When the computer first boots up, you'll be given the option to choose between trying Xubuntu and installing it. Press Install Xubuntu.

    Begin Xubuntu install
  2. It might take a few seconds to load up the Xubuntu installer. When it starts, it will first ask for your preferred language. Select it, and press Continue.

    Xubuntu choose language
  3. Next, if you're using a wireless connection, Xubuntu is going to ask you to connect to a network. Locate your local network from the list, and log in.

  4. Now, the setup will ask if you want to update Xubuntu as you install and download any third party software that your system may need. Check Install third-party software... When you're done, press Continue.

    Xubuntu install updates and third party apps
  5. The following screen is probably one of the scariest looking. This one determines how Xubuntu is going to handle your hard drive. If you don't have anything on it, and you're ready to wipe it clean and start over with Xubuntu, great! That's the easiest road. Leave Erase disk and install Xubuntu checked, and press Install Now.

    Xubuntu choose hard drive install type

    If you need something else, things might get more complicated. If you have Windows already installed on the computer, and you want to dual boot, the option will be there, so choose it.

    Otherwise, if you want something entirely custom, pick Something else. Be warned, you'll need to know how to partition a disk yourself, like in the image below.

    Xubuntu custom partition
  6. Xubuntu will begin installing in the background. While it does that, it'll need some info from you. First, tell Xubuntu which timezone you're in.

    Xubuntu timezone
  7. Then, set up your user account. Fill in the fields for your name, username, the computer's name, and your password. Make sure that the password is strong since the account will have admin access.

    Xubuntu user account setup
  8. Once you're done, sit back, and let Xubuntu do all the work. It's going to take a few minutes while it sets itself up on your computer.

    Xubuntu installing
  9. When it's finished, you'll see a message letting you know that the install was successful. Press Reboot Now to restart into your new Xubuntu install.

  10. When the computer comes back on, you'll see the Xubuntu login screen. Enter the password you set for your self to log in to your new Xubuntu desktop.

    Xubuntu desktop