Basic Guide to Choosing the Right Cloud Management Tools

cloud management tools

 Before deploying any cloud system, you have to decide about the cloud management tools that you would be using. There are many sources available in the market. Few tools are integrated natively in virtualization suites, and then there are third party tools, which promise management across many distributed data centers. Every kind comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to select your cloud management tools based upon the requirements of your workload, and several other factors.

As in case of any other technology, the capacity to monitor the cloud along with few more interdependent constituents will indicate the level of robustness that the environment should have. Hybrid, private or public cloud may each need its own bunch of tools. 

However, all important sets of cloud management tools will have some common considerations. With the key infrastructure constituents, admins should have clear perceptibility about their environment. Efficient monitoring software and tools should have the below features.  

Resource Management: In-depth visibility of resources comes on several phases. It’s crucial to consider the way in which the physical cloud resources are used. This also implies analysing the graphs, collecting statistical details, and taking care of future planning. Management and visibility focus on the ability of an administrator to find out the available resources and their allocation location. If it’s allocated improperly, it will turn out to be a very expensive mistake. 

User Count: Admins must always stay aware of the number of users accessing the cloud in addition to information about each user’s server and their workloads. This kind of granular control lets IT admins to properly balance and handle the server-user ratio. This is the best way for carrying out load balancing on cloud servers.  

Alarms and Alerts: A healthy infrastructure with efficient cloud visibility involved alarms and alerts to find such problems proactively. By detecting issues before they change into outages, a company can maintain higher uptime levels. It’s important to have the ability to set up alerts in such a way the right admin is informed based on the problem. For instance, it would not be appropriate if a storage alert is sent to a server admin, since the action cannot be taken at the earliest due to the fact that notifications are being sent to the wrong admin.  

Failover Abilities: Failover capabilities over cloud server come with good visibility and without causing any kind of downtime to the users. If there’s any problem or error, admins can fail customers to a host that has the ability to handle the volume. This can be automated in several environments. When a physical host experience downtime, the virtual machines on the specific host will be securely shifted and balanced among the other servers that are available and alerts are sent to the respective admin.   

Privileges and Roles: Good visibility also implies having inbuilt privileges and roles. This implies that the storage team can access only cloud-oriented storage parts and the virtualization group can access VM management. Such role isolation forms efficient audit tracks. This also decreases the risk of a staff making the wrong modifications to the system.       

Service Level Agreement Considerations: Understanding the service level agreement (SLA) is crucial if you are working with a 3rd party provider. This implies monitoring environment usage and uptime. Based on the kind of SLA, various metrics are vital to the admin. 

Maintenance and Testing: As in the case of any infrastructure, the cloud needs testing and maintenance. Tools that assist admins with server updates, patching, and other maintenance work are valuable. 

On top of everything, it’s vital to ensure that your set of cloud management tools is in direct alignment with the strategy of your data center and business objectives. Without the ideal management tools, your market strategy and execution part could get severely affected.