GUBA - Free Video Sharing on GUBA

Guba no longer exists as a video sharing service. This article has been retained for archival purposes.

GUBA is one of the growing assortment of free video sharing websites that offer to pay you for your videos and includes a section where you can rent or download other media.

Cost of GUBA: Free

Terms of Service for GUBA: You retain the rights to your content, but GUBA can do what it wants with your submissions. You may not post content that is obscene, harmful, illegal, copyrighted, etc.

Sign-up Procedure for GUBA: GUBA asks for a username, password and email address. You must validate your account via an emailed link before you can upload any videos.

Uploading to GUBA

GUBA accepts videos up to 500MB in .mov, .rv, .mpeg or .avi formats.

In the upload window, add a title, description, category, release date, and tags. You can also add information about cast and crew, etc.

All you get in terms of upload information is an irritating spinning wheel; after each upload, you get a notification that your video is still being processed. It may be a while before your video shows up on your profile, but it will get there eventually.

Tagging in GUBA: GUBA enables tagging. Separate your tags with spaces, not commas, and use underscores to group multi-word tags together. 

Compression in GUBA: GUBA converts all videos to Flash, so make sure they're high-quality before you upload them or else they may not look so great. 

Viewability in GUBA

GUBA videos don't look too bad if a little jerky in places. They do have start-and-stop buffering, but once they load they stay loaded. An especially nice touch is having the full-screen version open in a new browser window so that the small screen can continue loading if you want to go back to it.

Sharing from GUBA

To share a GUBA video, you can click the Email to a friend button above the player or the small envelope icon below it to send a message and a link to the video to your friends.

You can also copy and paste the HTML code under the player to embed the video on another website. Alternatively, copy and paste the permalink URL to link to the video in an email or on another site.