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google talk is now google hangouts


Google Talk has been officially retired as of June 2017. Users are encouraged to try Google Hangouts instead.

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Google Talk Friends are Within Reach on Gtalk Mobile

Gtalk Mobile

While many already have experiences Google's IM client, Google Talk, did you know Gtalk users can now go mobile?

The Gtalk mobile platform for iPhone and Android T-Mobile G1 is as simple and clean as Google Talk, but in an easy-to-use client for your phone.

Have Another Phone Model?

Get Gtalk Mobile via Text Message on Other Phones

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Gtalk Mobile for iPhone

To access Gtalk's mobile IM client on the iPhone, navigate your web browser to the Gtalk mobile website at

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GTalk Mobile for T-Mobile G1

  1. To access Gtalk's mobile IM client on the T-Mobile G1, click the "IM" icon and select Google Talk.
  2. The notification pane is a word balloon that appears whenever you receive a message on Gtalk mobile. To open the IM, simply click the notification pane in the upper, left-hand corner.