GTA V Built in Minecraft?!

Grand Theft Auto V remade in Minecraft?

What started as a very small idea turned into a very large project. A project some would call impossible. A project some would call artistic. A project that’s made out of dreams and is slowly (but surely) turned into reality for the whole world to enjoy. In this article, I interview YouTube’s very own, N11cK about his GTA V in Minecraft project that’s currently being built. We’ll learn about some of the struggles, how this project got it’s start and maybe after, you’ll check out some of it’s progress on your own on his server (which I highly encourage you to do, if you’re interested in GTA V, Minecraft or art in general)!

Small Beginnings

N11ck -

Q: What made you want to make the entire GTA V map?

A: At first, all I wanted to do was build Michael’s house (one of the main characters). I kept joking about doing the entire map. Many people said I should do it and one day, I thought, “Let’s just do it”. I got a team together and we just started building it.

Q: Originally, you wanted to make the map at a scale of 1:6, now you’re doing it to scale of 1:1. What made you take up a much larger project?

A: I decided to go with a scale of 1:1  because the map would be much more impressive this big. Also, on a scale of 1:6, it would feel very very small for Minecraft characters to walk through.

Time, Friends and Progress

N11cK -

Q: How long has this project taken, how many people have assisted you in creating this build, and if you had to give a percentage, how close would you say you are to being done?

A: I started this project early January of 2015. Since then, I have been slowly adding builders to my team and they have been a great help. The amount of people varies a lot, but is usually between 5 to 15 people. I think we around 40% done.

High Aspirations

N11cK -

 Q: What problems have you run into making this map? Have you overcame any or have they overcome you?

A: The main problem I have ran into is the height limit in Minecraft, which is 256 blocks. Mount Chiliad alone would be 750 blocks, and the Maze Bank Tower would be around 350 blocks tall. I scaled the Maze Bank tower down to overcome this, but Mount Chiliad is probably not going to be very pretty.


N11cK -

Q: Can you explain how you took the map from GTA V and imported the schematic into Minecraft?

A: I used a program called SpriteCraft to import the colors into the game. I then used WorldPainter to import the heights into the game. This process was very hard and took me over 20 hours to complete.


N11cK -

Q: If you had to give anybody advice on how to build a project of this magnitude, what would you say?

A: Definitely plan ahead. Get a lot of people together, teamwork makes everything possible. Use as many tools as you can (in this case, a colored map or a height map). You also need to have a lot of dedication.

In Conclusion

Nick and his crew are working very hard to make a map to be remembered in more ways than one. If you would like to follow the GTA V build progress, please check out his YouTube channel “N11ck”. On his channel you can find over 150 episodes of the creation of this map. I would like to thank Nick for giving me the opportunity to interview him about his creation alongside his friends and I encourage you to all check it out. If you would like to see an overview of his world, go to You can also join his server for this map in particular with the IP: N11cKnet