Food Delivery App Wars: Grubhub vs. Uber Eats

Availability, fees, and ease of use compared

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Even though Doordash remains one of the most popular food delivery services out there, two contenders continue to rise in popularity alongside it; Grubhub and Uber Eats.

If you're not sold on Doordash or the service doesn't have enough offerings near you, you might be trying to decide on Grubhub vs Uber Eats.

Grubhub vs Uber Eats

The following guide will walk you through the pros and cons of using each food delivery service so you can make the best decision.

Overall Findings

  • Larger choice of restaurants.

  • Variety of food choices.

  • More filtering options.

  • Can't sort by menu price.

Uber Eats
  • Low delivery fee but extra service fee.

  • Easy to browse restaurants.

  • Less restaurant selection in rural areas.

  • Not as many categories.

If you're looking to choose between Grubhub or Uber Eats, you really can't go wrong with either. Both offer similar overall pricing, quick delivery with lots of drivers, and good variety.

In urban areas you won't see much difference in restaurant or food choices, but that changes as you get into rural areas. There, Grubhub usually offers far more options. Grubhub also offers a "pickup" selection if you want to go pick up the food yourself.

Where the two services differ is mostly in site usability. It's difficult to see all available restaurant options when you browse Grubhub. Uber Eats on the other hand makes this easy, and it also lets you sort by menu prices, so you're more likely to find a better deal.

Availability: You Have More Choices with Grubhub

  • Large restaurant selection.

  • Many choices of food types.

  • Lots of drivers available.

Uber Eats
  • Fewer restaurants in most areas.

  • Less variety of food choices.

  • Plenty of available drivers.

Grubhub has been around longer than most food delivery services out there. So it makes sense that they've established working relationships with more restaurants, even independent ones in rural areas. Because of this you'll find nearly every food establishment in your area on Grubhub.

Uber Eats has worked hard to establish itself in metro areas. So if you live in or around a city, you may not see much difference between the two services. But in most other locations that are more rural, you'll see fewer restaurants available on Uber Eats. If you have a favorite Thai or Mexican restaurant near you that's independently owned, you're better off checking with Grubhub first.

Variety: Grubhub Covers Almost Every Food Option

  • Lots of food categories.

  • Not enough filter options.

  • See preview of delivery time.

Uber Eats
  • Not many categories.

  • Limited dietary options.

  • Not many restaurant choices.

Just as with restaurant options, Uber Eats is lacking in food choices when you get outside urban areas, and Grubhub seems to excel in the same area.

This also means you'll see a variety of categories on Grubhub like Japanese, BBQ, and Pasta. You'll also find obscure categories like Bakery, Bagels, or Cheesesteaks. Uber Eats on the other hand sticks the basic categories like Fast Food, Italian, and American.

That doesn't mean you won't find the same restaurants, but it makes it take a little longer to find exactly what you're craving.

The same is true for filtering. Uber Eats lets you arrange options by price range, delivery fee, and a few dietary needs. Grubhub lets you filter by all of those except price range, but lets you filter by plus user ratings and delivery time.

Cost: Fees Are Different But Costs Are the Same

  • Higher delivery fees.

  • No extra service fees.

  • More difficult to find bargains.

Uber Eats
  • Lower delivery fees.

  • Extra service fee.

  • Food prices are fair.

While the overall final price of your food will be roughly the same it's easier to find great deals using Uber Eats. This is because Uber Eats includes menu price filtering while Grubhub doesn't. It only allows you to filter on delivery fees.

This means that ultimately you could end up paying less on Uber Eats just because it's so much easier to hunt for lower prices in your local area.

While Uber Eats does charge a service fee, that's balanced out with lower delivery feels. So, in the end the prices you'll see for specific restaurants in your area are the same in both services.

User Friendliness: Uber Eats is Easier to Use

  • Browsing restaurants is difficult.

  • More filtering options.

  • Minimum tip is high.

Uber Eats
  • Easy to browse restaurants.

  • Straightforward ordering process.

  • Clear order status process.

Both Grubhub and Uber Eats have user-friendly platform that make it convenient for you to order food delivered to your door, usually in under an hour.

However, there are certainly differences between the two when it comes to how easy that experience is. Grubhub provides access to more restaurants, but browsing on Grubhub takes a bit more work to see all of the restaurants that are available to you if you don't know their names.

Grubhub also starts its lowest tip amount at 18%, which might be a bit high for many people.

On the other hand, while it's easier to browse for new restaurants on Uber Eats, occasionally you'll notice that some food selections have no images available, which isn't usually the case on Grubhub.

Uber Eats also provides more order status detail, letting you see each step from order confirmation, food preparation, food pickup, and delivery. Grubhubs order status follows the Doordash approach of just a few simple steps. Both do provide an updated map, however, so you know almost exactly when the food will get to your door.

Final Verdict: User Friendliness Vs Options

Grubhub has a lot going for it. In general you'll find more restaurant options in more areas, and more food choices across the board. You'll always find drivers available, and the final cost is about the same as any other food delivery service out there.

However, if the usability of the site itself is most important to you, Uber Eats may be for you. It lets you find bargains more quickly, and if there are only a few restaurants you care about that are listed on Uber Eats, you won't be missing out on anything.

In most ways, the two services deliver on their promise to get food to your door with very little hassle. So you really can't go wrong with either choice.

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